Isprava – Rain or Shine



A magical monsoon at Isprava’s Villa Loto Bianco!

Tucked into the heart of North Goa and fringed by curtains of lush green, Villa Loto Bianco is where beauty and serenity reside. While here, surround yourself with nature’s finest, as you take in the soothing patter of raindrops. A beautiful holiday awaits…

Perhaps you are looking for a luxurious weekend getaway. Or maybe, you want to escape to quieter environs to enjoy this beautiful weather. Gloomy skies, swaying green trees and the scent of the earth when the rain strikes – what’s not to love? We highly recommend making the most of this season at Villa Loto Bianco. An absolute masterpiece, it offers you the chance to avail luxurious amenities akin to that of a seven-star hotel, all in the comfort of a home-stay. Think about the azure pool, bespoke soft furnishing, custom-designed flooring and the beauty of Goa’s scenic backdrops that stretch around your eyes. It is truly like living in the lap of nature, in the most exclusive fashion.

Complete with four bedrooms, peaceful sit-outs and a sub-tropical garden, Villa Loto Bianco is the perfect choice for your holiday. Besides, it is conveniently located in North Goa. What this means is that you can enjoy a bit of quiet time at home and even drive down to all the famous beaches, restaurants, bars and markets in Goa. Those with a discerning eye will revel in the beauty of this home’s antique furniture and artefacts, sourced from old heritage palaces and mansions across India.

As you sip on some hot tea from the charming balconies or lean by the beautifully crafted Portuguese windows, make sure to keep an eye out for different kinds of birds. The home is actually a great spot for a spate of bird-watching, if you are so inclined. And as the sun sets, you can lose yourself to stunning, sprawling views of lush green paddy fields all around. Suffice to say that at Villa Loto Bianco, beauty is everywhere.



What’s on your floor?

Plush, quirky and sometimes, downright hard to miss. Carpets can actually lend your home with a personality of its own. Only of course, if you do it the right way! Here are the carpet trends to watch out for this year.

When it comes to home design, carpets are one of the most versatile accessories around. From bold prints to revolutionary textures, carpets have a vibrant character. And choosing the right one can definitely spice things up.

But to do it the right way, it is safe to stick with the trends:

1) Pops of Colour

When in doubt, head straight to colours, as many as you want. Think rich burgundy, soothing blue and vivid green. Multi-coloured carpets are a sell-out this season, and we can see why. Apart from looking uber chic, they seem to bring any average space to life.

2) Go Big

If you live by the adage ‘more is more’, you are going to love this particular carpet trend. And if you are a maximalist at heart, it is time to pull out all the stops. Instead of tiny rugs to beautify only a corner of the room, use larger rugs that will beautifully accentuate the entire space.

3) Jute is In

If you thought jute as a fiber was all but forgotten, think again. It simply oozes an aesthetic appeal that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. And thankfully, it is making a comeback with carpets! Apart from being a sound choice for those with allergies, it is also a piece that is going to look great, when spread out in your living room.

4) Fringe it Up

Fringed carpets are an absolute yes this season. So, feel free to go retro as you scout for the perfect carpets with the perfect amount of fringe detailing. From neutral colours and pastel hues to vibrant shades and contrasting tones, a bit of fringe looks great with everything and will instantly liven up any space.


Goa calling!

Majestic waterfalls. Winding ghats. Sandy beaches. Shaded coves. Goa is blessed with it all. But if you are planning a trip down to Goa this season, prepare to discover your favourite destination in an all new, rain-washed avatar.

You may travel far and wide, to distant continents and exotic locales. But very few things can match up to the idyllic beauty of Goa. No matter where you head to, visiting and re-visiting this beautiful destination always soothes you into a state of bliss.

This is especially true if you are visiting Goa during the monsoons. An infinite colour palette of green will greet you when you arrive, doused in splashes of rain water. The beaches will come to life, with the wind whipping up the waves into a frenzy. Groups of friends and families can enjoy a rainy day out or even indulge themselves in the luxurious spaces at Isprava, cocooned in blankets, plied with cups of tea.

It is true. Even in the monsoons, Goa is a crowd favourite. And for a good reason. There is plenty to do here, even if it is pouring. For starters, you could spend time at the majestic Dudhsagar Waterfalls with your friends. Pack a picnic hamper! Or, as the rivers swell, go river rafting on the Mandovi River with your family. Alternately, you could just pick a beach of your choice and walk along the shore with your beau before retreating to the comfort of a home like Isprava’s Villa Loto Bianco, steeped as it is in privacy and exclusivity.

Come enjoy the much splendored moments and hidden jewels of Goa in the rains. We promise. It is worth it.



Re-designing life

She went from money matters to matters of design, revamping interiors with her signature aesthetic and freestyle spirit. After 12 years in the industry, working with big wigs like Talaty Panthaky, Nozer Wadia & Simone Dubash; Bhumika Rajda has finally launched her own design studio, and is transforming luxe apartments around the city, one home at a time. In conversation with the maverick herself…


1. What made you make the switch from the world of finance to interior design? Any inspiration or mentor that made you swap careers?

I was never an arts student, but I have always had a penchant for art and creativity.  I was living in London at the time, and I realized that I want to do something creative.  I visited all the art schools in London to find a course that would give me some direction and perspective on what I wanted to do. A chance meeting with a family friend led to an apprenticeship back home, at Talati and Panthaky Associated. The idea was to go back to London to study but once I started working, there was no looking back. I acquired a very important life experience. I found my passion.

2. How would you describe your aesthetic style? What is unique about it and how do you think it complements Isprava? Which Isprava home is your favourite?

That is a tricky question because I cannot stereotype my sense of aesthetic. As a designer you constantly get to explore and do things that you have not done before.  For me, everything comes from art. I make a strong connection between art and interiors.  I draw inspiration from art and my travels. In my creative process, I would say that the concept for every project has to be strong. Concept is key. I always have to tell a story through each project and it has to be perceptible. I think when you walk into a space it should tell you a story or evoke an emotion. I believe every project is unique and has a soul.

My favourite Isprava home is Villa Branco. I love the architecture of that home. That space speaks to you.

3. As an interior designer, tell us about your most exciting project, and the challenges that come along.

My most exciting project currently is my own studio. It is located in a quaint, old building in Fort. The idea is to make a design studio, NOT a conventional office. The space has very high ceilings and has interesting architectural elements which I would love to retain, but I also have to make it functional. That is very challenging! Usually the biggest challenge for most projects is the “deadline”. And since this is my own space, I am taking that for granted.

4. Today luxury living is paramount? What does luxury mean to you? How would you transform a space from ordinary to super luxe?

Luxury is not easy to define.  In fact, it is a fairly misunderstood term. Luxury is no longer defined by expensive things and the “richness factor”. Luxury to me is exclusiveness, research, craftsmanship, and uniqueness. These qualities make a product luxurious. And this doesn’t just apply to homes, it is my generic view on this subject.

The amount of research, time, passion, thought effort and craftsmanship that goes into designing any space makes it ordinary to luxe.

5. Do you love to travel? We mean, who doesn’t! But when you do, what kind of accommodation do you seek? And what is the next adventure on your bucket list?

I am an avid traveller. Like I said before, my work is hugely inspired by my travels. Being a designer, I like to stay in interesting places, not necessarily the most popular ones. I usually love to explore boutique hotels. I am off to Sri Lanka next month to research for an upcoming project in Kamshet.