How colours play an important role in your home

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There is more to choosing colours for your home than simply picking your favourites. When it comes to designing your home from scratch or just revamping it, every element is to be chosen with precision and thought. There is a common misconception that colours, on the other hand, don’t require that thought and effort put into their selection. When in actuality, your interior colour palette holds more importance and hence, the science behind it. Every colour holds a different value and mood, and similar to other elements of a home, they can also make or break the décor and ambience.  Here is exactly how they play an important role in your home.


Colours, in general, can be classified into warm and cool shades. And they behave in three ways – neutral, passive or active. When you choose a colour for your home, your personal preference plays a role. But besides selecting colours based on that, one needs to take into consideration some other factors like the desired mood and ambience in a room, the purpose of the space, and other features.

To cast an ambience that is positive and refreshing, light hues, neutral shades and pastels are recommended for the wall, furniture and other accents. One imperative rule when it comes to picking colour choices for your home is to keep in mind, the contrast and balance. A touch of rich, dark shade can be balanced well with a lighter palette to create a stunning impression. For spaces like the bedroom where relaxation is the desired mood, shades that are soothing should be used. For rooms like the home office or the reading room the purpose it to create a stimulating and motivating ambience, which can be rightly done using an uplifting palette. If it is a kid’s room then it is wise to use bright shades. Care should be taken as to not use light colours for them. For the living room and the master bedroom, a hint of deep colour can be used to cast an elegant mood and add character to it.

For our houses for sale in Nilgiris and private luxury villas in Goa, we have incorporated a colonial essence into the interiors, which uses a lot of natural and sombre colours throughout the house. We understand the impact colours have on the mood and the atmosphere of a home, which is why all our luxury private villas use them wisely to put together a lavish and comfortable setting.