Native Dishes to Try in Goa

Native Dishes to Try in Goa


Goa is all about beaches and a buzzing nightlife, yes. But it is also a massive cultural fusion that reflects everywhere, including in its traditional cuisines. Relaying a combination of Portuguese culinary and Mughal flavours merged with Konkan cooking, the plethora of native dishes to try in Goa is one of a kind and definitely irresistible.


Goan Fish Curry

Infused with coconut and red chillies, it is one of the most popular dishes of the coastal town. Served with rice and cooked with fish or prawns, fish curry in Goa is an authentic must-have.


Prawn Balchao

A pickle made with day prawns and Goan spices, prawn balchao is usually served with rotis and is definitely a dish to savour.



Distinct to Goa and incepted by a Goan nun first, Bebinca is a 16 layered cake made of coconut milk, plain flour, sugar and egg yolks. A true sweet masterpiece, as simple as it looks, It is just as tricky to make. Nevertheless, this traditional sweet dish is an absolute delight to the taste-buds.


Pork Vindaloo

A spicy Goan curry with pork, vinegar, garlic and spices, pork vindaloo is a variant of a Portuguese sailor dish that uses red wine instead of palm vinegar. This dish is usually served with rice or flatbreads and is absolutely delectable to eat.



Again inspired by the Portuguese cuisine, Caldeirada is a fish stew made with varieties of fishes in it. The dish’s flavour is enhanced by white wine, spices, salsa, and potatoes and is a blessing for fish-lovers.


Mussel Rawa Fry

Crunchy and a delicious munching option, Mussel rawa fry is basically mussels deep fried in a rawa batter and served as an appetizer.  A popular dish amongst Goans, once taken a bite off, this is bound to be your go-to finger food too.



Also going by the synonym ‘idli’ in the rest of the country, Sannas are the traditional bread substitutes in Goa. Regular accompaniments to curries and other dishes, there is also a sweet variant of these made from jaggery.

An ideal getaway would be a few days spent in our luxury villa in Goa, living the coastal life the Isprava way, and satiating our appetite with these native dishes of Goa. We are sure you will agree, won’t you?


Picture courtesy: Kitchen Fables, wikihow, ndtv food, pork.vindalo, pingo doce, Goan imports and Ruchik Randhap.