Entrepreneur India 35 Under 35



It is achievements like these that add to our fervour and determination to grow with each passing day. And this was just another feather in our cap – a well-deserved feature in Entrepreneur’s 35 under 35 presented by Blender’s Pride Reserve Collection. Amongst other individuals under the age of 35 who have excelled and reached success in their respective fortes, our founder Nibhrant Shah is also one of them.

When he left his job as an investment banker in London, Nibhrant founded Themis, an accounting, taxation and human resource management firm in India.. It was only when he was spending a few days away from the city’s hustle in Goa that he realized the importance of having a home away from home, luxury in the lap of nature. He also realised that there is a space in the real estate industry that can easily be filled with luxury holiday homes. And so it began.

While it was just a thought at first, a personal aspiration of having a home away from the city, it soon developed into a full-fledged venture that reeled in some worldly-wise industrialist investors. With the Piramal family office, Godrej, and other professionals, Isprava started off with a team of four employees. Today, not only has the team magnified but so has our vision and presence. With luxury holiday homes across India, in Goa, and Nilgiris, we are now on our path to extending the Isprava difference to Alibaugh also this year. And as we leap into the next few years, we’ll soon have our villas in destinations outside India, too.

Having attained so much while building a strong-knit team of happy and hard-working individuals, Nibhrant did deserve to be honoured here. He has grandly taken ahead his personal dream of giving people a place that they can call home, where they can unwind with the seamless blend of comfort and luxury. And taking his ambition ahead, we also participate in the company’s challenges and victories together, including this.

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