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How quirky elements can make your home look more appealing

11th Feb 2019


You may have well-planned and executed the layout, the design and the décor of your house. However, there may still be something amiss and incomplete. Today, the art and design industry is not just about the traditional, conventional elements with a straight pattern to follow. Instead, experimental art and unconventional patterns are reeling in and being accepted with open arms.

We run you through some popular and pragmatic ways to bring about a few quirky changes that could add to the overall appeal of your house.



A few funny quotes and messages hung on the wall in the form of a poster, a frame or letter boards can be one simple way of adding some quirkiness to your room. Another way that could also double as a productive do-it-yourself project is by hanging an old or unused rug, or an embroidered bedsheet on the wall. You could churn your creativity to add a bohemian touch to the wall.



A subtle way of adding a quirky appeal to your home would be by setting up your dining table with funky coloured and/ or printed crockeries and other table accessories. Themed tableware that is laced with a sense of eccentricity would make for a great décor option.


Colour Schemes

Nothing can be better conveyed than with colours schemes. And, if it is about exhibiting edginess in your living space, particular hues could do the job with precision. Use unusual and free-spirited colours on the wall, or simply shop for statement furniture that is drenched in such shades.


Unconventional Matches


One basic way to incorporate quirkiness into your home is to simply use outlandish elements. Another one is to match one conventional element with another unconventional element. Say, you pair a neutral toned couch with an offbeat coloured and printed throw pillows. The idea is to club the two extremes together to create an edgy appearance.

In our villas in Goa and properties in Kotagiri and Coonoor, we ensure that we bring some experimental aesthetics into the designs in some way. Sometimes, aberrant quirks are exactly what is needed to make a house look and feel complete!


Picture credits- WhatsforDinner

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