Ways to add a personal touch in your home’s design


A house with the right layout designs and the right décor may be an ideal home. However, a house never turns into a home unless there is a personal touch added to it. Inculcating your own touch to the interiors brings a sense of comfort, security and homeliness to space; truly making a home out of a house. Here is how Isprava teaches you to add a personal touch to your home’s design.

Memories and Souvenirs

There is no better way to add a personal touch to your home’s design than by displaying your favourite memories around the house. A wall full of photo frames of friends and family in a neat fashion is bound to give the room a contemporary charm as well. Do not overcrowd the wall with too many pictures but stick to a limited set that gives out a modern and clean impression.

Do It Yourself

Placing a few showpieces or décor items made by you around the house is one of the most organic ways to add an individual touch to the space. Do it yourself home decor projects are not just a great way to add character to the interiors but also a form of creative expression. Intriguing wall arts mirrors hanging with rustic ropes, wallpapers and headboards fabricated by old bed sheets; these are some ways to weave in your personality to your home.

Art that Talk

Paintings or art pieces that are of meaning to you can add that warm feeling to the space. Décor that is relevant to you is what makes it personal and in turn, homely and comfortable. As firm believers of home décor, we at Isprava make sure we incorporate a lot of rustic, culture and heritage relevant elements into our holiday homes in India. After all, it is these details that add life to a property.

Picture courtesy: Home Caprice