Reimagining Luxury at UNYCC


There is nothing more insightful and motivating for young, growing individuals than to engage with the best in the industry and learn from them. United Nations Young Changemakers Conclave has been giving young India that opportunity since its inception in 2011. The annual event is where attendees unite with renowned names from the field of politics, media, technology, social activism and the arts. Our founder, Nibhrant Shah was one of the 19 speakers present at the UNYCC’S 9th annual event held on the 27th of October in Mumbai. Possessing an established expertise in the luxury real estate business, it made immense sense for Nibhrant to talk about reimagining luxury.

Although luxury is one primary element to our designs, he believes it is also about heritage and sustainability. At the event, he emphasised on luxury designs using sustainable practices. That includes our sourcing practices where pieces of furniture/artefacts are responsibly and carefully procured from palaces and durbars across India. The same extends to wooden artefacts designed using refurbished and old wood from heritage buildings, ships and more.

“Luxury needs to be socially responsible and culturally relevant as it is a necessary part of a viable sustainable luxury venture,” said Nibhrant, and we could not agree more as strong devotees of Isprava’s aesthetics.

In pursuit of sustainable luxury, we use techniques that are environment-friendly like rainwater harvesting, irrigation, tree transplantation, waste segregation and treatment, using recycled and upcycled material for our homes. Luxury in today’s time means more than just grand designs and shimmering furniture, we incorporate the authenticity of Goa in our Villas for rent and sale in Goa while also bringing a modern touch to other aspects.

Nibhrant also conveyed the reason why it is imperative to reimagine luxury in today’s world through his speech. While previously it was simply about convenience and modern elements, now it is about doing so with a positive impact on society. In retrospect, it was a glorious moment to have the company’s founder and our mentor as a part of the UNYCC event this year, imparting his knowledge and perspective.