10 reasons why one should visit the Nilgiris in May


Aptly titled as the ‘Blue Hills’, this part of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala are essentially home to Coonoor, Kotagiri and Ooty – the Queen of hills. Although the Nilgiris are home to tourists all year around, there are some experiences and places to visit that exhibit their worth best during summer. Here are some reasons to give in to the picturesque South Indian paradise in the month of May.

Nilgiri’s Weather

The soothing, cool breeze lulling your senses while amongst lush green slopes and the right amount of the summer’s sunshine; weather in the Nilgiris add to the whole getaway vibe of the hills in this season.

Ooty Summer Festival

Held annually for about 16 days in the month of May, Ooty summer festival exists to showcase what the land stands for – the earthy essence and its distinct culture. Events like the Kotagiri’s Vegetable Show, Coonoor’s Fruit Show, Rose Show, Spice Show and a Flower show grace the festival each year.

Tiger Hills

A scenic natural abode about 6km from the town of Ooty, Tiger hills serves an opportunity for some quite trekking with a water reservoir and meditative satisfaction at the top of the hill.

Steam Train

Soak in the colonial era in the air of the Nilgiris as you take the steam train journey cruising through the hills. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway runs from Mettupalayam to the ravishing Ooty passing Coonoor on the way.

Avalanche Lake

Lined by massive, panoramic mountains all around, the beautiful lake can be accessed after the two-mile long trail to it opens as May begins; it is one of the most spectacular sights to capture.

Dolphin’s Nose

A trip to this viewpoint shaped like a dolphin’s nose in Coonoor on a clear, sunny May morning is something one cannot skip. Giving a panoramic view of the dense greenery in the pleasant Coonoor climate, you may also catch the sight of the Catherine falls amidst the green hilly expanse.

The Hidden Valley

Driving through unexplored yet soul-touching routes to reach this place makes it truly hidden. Although hidden, a trek into the valley is what visitors have called ‘a mystical feeling that lifts you off the ground with happiness.’

Ooty Lake

Sailing across the pristine Ooty lake, surrounded by eucalyptus trees with fresh air blowing through your hair is one experience worth engaging in.

Mudumalai National Park

Stationed in the northeast of Nilgiri mountains, the National Park is home to diverse flora and fauna along with endangered animals. During May, spotting birds and animals is effortless, naturally putting your camera to work.

Kodanadu View Point

A smooth drive from Ooty and Kotagiri with green slopes of pine trees and tea plantations urging you to take several stops to revere the view in; Kodanadu viewpoint is a magnetic panorama that is augmented with its untouched beauty.

Raw nature has the ability to heal, nourish and to take our breath away, all at once. That’s exactly what the Nilgiris have been doing and continue to do. An abode touched with nature’s elegance and home-like comfort amongst Nilgiri’s blue hills is what we aspire for. Isprava takes that aspiration ahead from there.