Top five interior design trends to follow this season…


Bringing modifications, from trivial ones to dramatic ones to your home is something all of us engage in once in a while. From simply changing the colour of a wall or replacing old furniture to revamping the entire house from the scratch; change of some form is crucial to us. Now, whether your house needs some subtle makeovers or you are designing a brand new home, it’s always handy to be acquainted with the top five interior design trends to follow for the current season.


Bringing the outdoors inside is one interior trend that fits everyone’s residential requirements. Some living greens indoors are always a great idea. With air purifying properties, house plants also bring with them an air of tranquillity and liveliness.

Statement ceilings

One bold design on the ceiling and there’s a grand shift in the entire vibe of your abode. We say wallpapers, patterns, textures or painted ceilings! And if simplicity is what you desire, then big, bold, hanging lights that single-handedly steal the show are what you should go for.

Wall Art

Adding that character to your home with accented art on the wall is one of the most preferred interior trends of the season. Geometric or patterned wallpaper, a collection of photo frames and pieces of art or paintings; maximalist look is in here.

Organic Accents

Not just confined to natural building materials, this year’s design trend of incorporating organic elements into the interiors also includes home décor made with natural fibres. Hand-made cushions, rugs and products fabricated with Raffia (Fibre spun using palm leaves) are great accompaniments to other natural interior elements.

Muted Tones

Soft, muted colours like light greys, pinks and blues drop in ounces of sophistication with a sense of relaxation to one’s home. When used with correct balance and thoughtful ideas, a room designed with a muted palette can turn out to be a gorgeous space of vibrant décor.

We, at Isprava believe in simplicity with a hint of grandeur. The current design trends convey just that, making our luxury homes an apt destination for getaways along with great houses for rent and sale in Goa, Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri.