The Good Life with Isprava





The new year calls for a set of fresh adventures. The ones that will take you places. The ones that will open up new doors and help you discover another side of you. The ones that will inspire luxury and the ones that will compel you to indulge. It begins at Isprava’s Villa Evora.

Is it possible for a space to take your breath away, while breathing life into you at the same time? You will discover this as soon as you walk through the doors of Villa Evora, this 2018. A beautiful hideaway in a quaint street in the charming, yet fashionable village of Assagaon, Goa, the Portuguese-inspired home welcomes you to its cosy embrace. You will feel like you’ve left the world behind you, as soon as you arrive, even though you haven’t, with your favourite spots in Goa, just a stone’s throw away. Inspired by the poetics of space, each corner offers a unique experience to the senses. You will notice details like hand-finished walls, broken marble flooring and stained glass windows. Other carefully handpicked elements include an antique crockery cupboard, an antique cast iron bed, distressed white wooden flooring, hand cut stone steps and intricate mosaic walls. The kitchen features a cosy breakfast sitting while the bedrooms and dining area offer airy living with a triple-height sloping roof. The palatial doors transform into wall hangings where paintings holding an assortment of antique plates in its niches make a resonating statement. The interiors are so embracing; you may never feel like leaving its clutch. That is until you step outside into the beautifully manicured garden, with its charming gazebo and outdoor dining area. Or if you decide to sip of cup of piping tea on the bedroom’s balcony, overlooking the poolside, and also the perfect place to soak in Evora’s everlasting tranquil charm.



It’s always about the details when it comes to unique design. Even the smallest things can set a space apart, and make it inimitable. Much like Isprava does with each home, making it their own

Details equal imagination. They express the depth of creativity. They give your home its own unique character, and arouse a sense of excitement. The beauty is in how the details, even the tiniest of them, get interwoven in spaces to tell a collective story, to showcase a bigger design, to make an impressionable statement, unlike ever before. It is in fact the littlest features or elements that draw you to spots that you may otherwise walk right past. Isprava is attentive to every last detail—turning beautiful spaces into something more spectacular still. With the belief to make every space a place that equally empowers you as it inspires you, Isprava weaves its magic. Patterns, furnishings, colours, art, one-off statement pieces—all come together to draw you in. Local vintage finds, travel mementos, unexpected objects artfully placed in nooks and crannies—it’s all about honing an eye for discovery and symmetry, and perfecting the art of self-editing. Isprava eloquently puts details together to find the right balance ensuring a cohesive aesthetic and exuding its signature style. The result is a luxurious, cosy, effortless vibe, a sacred place, and everything special to Isprava, which will be special to you, once you arrive, and stay.



Taking a journey through time and space, we discover a Nilgiris that has enamoured us through the ages, with its inherent beauty, rich colonial heritage and its indelible charm that has been and always will be loved

The thrill of the high mountains, deep valleys, sparkling water bodies, dense forests and peace of the tea gardens—Nilgiris’ natural landscape has always attracted us. And within the salubrious ambience of its surroundings, sat regal railways, colonial styled forts and a contemporary architectural landscape, that still exist today. Around the rolling hills and Shola trees, sit perched in quaint pockets, structures of architectural genius, classic designs borrowed from British culture, interwoven with a touch of modernity. The English may have summered here in an era gone by, but even today those seeking an essence of the past in the present, arrive to be enchanted be spaces reminiscent of yesteryear. The golf courses still invite the discerning and the tea plantations still spread its indigenous aromas. But charming little villas have occupied spaces, exuding a luxury amidst untouched beauty that once you experience, will be hard to ever forget. Isprava’s Nilgiris invites you to beautiful imperial interiors inspired by the nature that embraces the lands. It welcomes you to a new world, to discover a new you. Explore the magic of the Nilgiris, then and now, Isprava’s Nilgiris here, and book with us today.



What makes him tick, his heart beat and inspire him to live the good life, in conversation with Sohrab, founder of start-up SOHFIT, a destination that has redefined fitness with a touch of personalisation

A dreamer and believer, in the quest to change people’s mind set on fitness, life and how to discover the best version of you, Sohrab Khushrushahi went from being a high paid corporate lawyer to an entrepreneur behind a trending venture in fitness, with SOHFIT. He believes, as advice once bestowed upon him, “a path full of risks and uncertainties is the one with the most opportunities”. He picks nature over technology, favours the classic with a touch of modern, prefers intimate spaces over the lavish and picks subtle over the bold. We talk to the go-getter about a life in the world of fitness, and the things that he can call home…

Q. You have redefined the concept of fitness with SOHFIT. What does it take to start something, and make it tick…
I started SOHFIT with the idea of changing people’s minds about training, making it as enjoyable as possible. And so the dream began. What makes me tick, would have to be the support of my friends and family. After leaving the world of law, I spent a year planning with my dear ones and it wouldn’t have been possible without my wife and my team, which includes Chandan Poddar (physiotherapist) and Ankita Kulreja (nutritionist) as well as my friends and family.

Q. Tell us about SOHFIT, sounds like an exciting venture…
SOHFIT has come to life from a dream to see a fitter and happier community of people. Through this venture, I wanted to help as many people as possible. It started on a simple premise: there has to be more to getting fit than spending fruitless hours on boring workouts and impossible-to-implement diets. Here, each programme is more than just a workout. We try to make people feel good, both on the inside, and out. Through boot camps, buddy workouts, one-on-one personalised sessions and consultations, I want to change people’s perspective on fitness, and make it fun.

Q. What’s your idea of an ideal home? And your favourite room is…
An ideal home is one where you can live comfortably with the people you love. The size of the house doesn’t really matter, home is ultimately where the family is. As for my favourite room, it has and always will be my den—with my TV where I can spend all day watching sports and movies.

Q. What is Sohrab’s luxury, what does it mean to you?
Luxury to me means the privilege to choose and do exactly what you want to. For me, it was the ability to give up my corporate job and follow my passion and know my family is taken care of.

Q. How do you think Isprava fares in the luxury space? What’s the one thing you love about our homes?
According to me, Nibhrant and the entire Isprava team have done a fabulous job at creating some really top quality homes. We’ve stayed in some of the villas in Goa and the stay was more comfortable than a 5 star hotel. The way each house has been designed and looked after is what sets Isprava apart from any of the other homes/villas I’ve seen or been to.

Q. If you had to pick one Isprava home from our exclusive collection, which would it be, and why?
Isprava’s Villa Verde in Goa is absolutely enchanting. I love it for its vintage charm and irresistible comfort. It isn’t luxury slapped onto four walls. It’s so thoughtfully designed and has heart in its every space. From its hideaway location to its intricate architecture, every piece of furniture has been curated with such creativity, bringing to life a space that you can make truly yours. I would say, skip the five star retreats and make Villa Verde yours, the next time you visit Goa.