Ishaan Kapoor is still reeling from the heartfelt farewells he’s received from his friends at Isprava. After two years of heading the marketing team, he’s moving on to build and hone his management skills and the Isprava family decided this had to be celebrated, albeit with a heavy heart.

A deeply flattered Ishaan admits that he had not one but two farewell parties. His first one was at the office, amidst all his colleagues who gathered to cheer him on. Isprava founder Nibhrant Shah had a lot of meaningful things to say about Ishaan and he can’t stop feeling immensely grateful. Ishaan says, “I joined Isprava two years ago though my association with Nibhrant goes back 5 years. I was helping him with his other company while working on a startup of my own. He’s like a brother to me and the things he said about me at the first farewell lunch will stay with me for years to come.” The wonderful speech was followed by a lunch at the office garden, a place that has seen many a creative brainwave.

A few days later, Nibhrant and the Isprava team decided to host an intimate soiree of typical banter, spirits and delectable food, giving Ishaan an evening to remember. Ishaan who is headed to do a two-year MBA at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management (business school of Northwestern University) says no matter where he goes, he’ll miss the family vibe that is such an intrinsic part of the Isprava culture. “I will miss the people at Isprava for sure. It’s been wonderful working with them these two years and I’ve learnt so much. One of my greatest lessons has been navigating the transition from running a start-up to working at an established company where the structures and processes are already set,” says Ishaan.

Wishing Ishaan the very best in his future endeavours!


Any organisation is as good as the team that sustains it. That reflects in the final outcome of the work the organisation commits to, one that makes Isprava exude much confidence and quality in its every move. So inspiring and motivating the team features very high on the company’s priority list; something that gets more exciting when that happens in Goa!

The sales and marketing team from across the company traveled to Goa for a weekend full of team building activities, fun and rediscovery of each other and the work that Isprava commits to. From pretending to be potential buyer and working on their sales skills to viewing of completed and upcoming homes, the team hemmed by founder Nibhrant Shah, had hands-on practical training that combined fun and facts.

At Isprava, there’s a deep commitment to the work and leisure balance, so even the weekend getaway balanced the training with some memorable fun. From playing Psych and Charades with each other as part of team building activities, to the loser of card games being asked to undertake any fun dare, employees found themselves doing everything from rapping songs to mimicking people in the office!

When they weren’t working or monkeying around, they got to sample delectable food from some of Goa’s most delicious eateries: Gunpowder, Burger Factory, Baba’s Wood Café and the mighty popular Vinayak.

After all, at Isprava, work is pleasure.



Is it a dream? It is a home? Is it both? Villa Loto Bianco in Siolim combines the best of Goa’s cultural history and modern luxury, to be an ode to the state’s regal Portuguese past. After all, the crème de la crème from around the world have made a beeline for Siolim since the 1600s.

Like all Isprava homes, Villa Loto Bianco celebrates indigenous heritage with distinct finesse and elegance. Surrounded by seemingly endless greenery — lush fields and forests — the villa is the perfect place for nature-seekers. If serenity isn’t your state of mind, the ideal location of the villa will give you ready access to a whole new world in the vicinity.

Those looking for calm and architecture will be spoilt for choice with churches, chapels and temples close by. If it’s party on your mind, then the bars and beaches are only minutes away.

Villa Loto Bianco is as central to city-life as it is distant and quaint within verdant surroundings. But it is unmistakably indulgent. This stylishly designed home is adorned with antique furniture and artefacts sourced from palaces and mansions around India and Europe. With bespoke soft furnishings and custom-designed flooring, Villa Loto Bianco is a palatial reflection of the good times.


Location Courtesy: Coonoor, the Nilgiris.

“Isprava homes and estates have been the culmination of bright young entrepreneurs whose creative ideas and indomitable spirit have carved a niche in the luxury real estate space. As a person who has promoted several companies during my career, I have always endeavoured to have colleagues who are more intelligent than me and as committed as I am to the organization.

My outlook to ideas has invariably been from the demand side of the equation, never once following fads as many businessmen often do. So every company has been promoted with a view to meet an intrinsic need, and therefore a compelling demand. In a nut shell, a successful idea is one that feeds a basic but sustainable need.

To be a successful and effective Entrepreneur, one needs to roll up one’s sleeves, have a never say die attitude, be passionate, focused and totally committed to your ideas and your organization. I am constantly surprised at the clarity the young entrepreneur of today exhibits.

While constant success does not exist, failure albeit disappointing can be deeply enriching. In my own career, there have been many failures along the way but sometimes one finds that a few ideas are ahead of time, and can and should be revisited once again under changed circumstances.

Isprava is a product of my sons’ ideas and their astute decision-making in getting the right people onboard. Working with my sons has surprisingly turned out to be a great experience; the advantage being that all three of us basically think alike and are extremely well aligned”.

The writer is a director on the Isprava board