Diwali at Villa Evora


Diwali seems to signal the start of the festive season. The energy around us is instantly elevated and you can sense the excitement in the air. There always seems to be a reason to celebrate! Isprava is a true believer in the fact that even the little thing are worth celebrating. Although we build and sell luxury villas in Goa, we find ways to relax and kick back as well.

For those of you interested in buying property in Goa why not invest in a holiday home? We take care of every single detail down to the staff and cleaning so all you need to do, is find a reason to celebrate and arrive! One of our most recently completed projects, Villa Evora, is now available to rent. Here is how we think you should spend your Diwali weekend.

Start off in the garden with your friends and family for a bright brunch where the kids can splash in the pool and the adults can soak up some sun. This villa is perfect for large groups and has ample space for up to 10 guests.

After an afternoon outdoors, move to the living and dining area for a sumptuous meal prepared by our specialty Goan chef. After all, what is Goa without some prawn curry and vindaloo? Take some time here to relax and rejuvenate.

Villa Evora features four beautifully decorated bedrooms, each with unique, hand crafted tiles and heritage furniture. Isprava strives to do things differently and one way we do this is to ensure that your luxury villa in Goa has distinctive style that stands out from the rest.

After a midday siesta, head back to the pool area for some evening drinks and conversation. The idea is to reconnect and bond with those closest to you, within the privacy of your own home. Everyone has access to bars and restaurants, but a private villa is truly luxurious.

The entire home has been designed to make sure you have the most comfortable and relaxing stay possible. Isprava offers 24-hour service staff, back-up power, wifi and even cable television. We also offer concierge services on request and have special deals and tie-ups with multiple restaurants, wellness clubs and other services you may be interested in. Please email [email protected] for information on how you can make this stunning villa yours, if only for a weekend!