Isprava luxury homes for sale in ALIBAUG!

The Lohono promise

When you choose Lohono Stays, you’re signing up for a unique experience. From Goa to Coonoor to Alibaug, every villa sits in the most beautiful environs and presents a perfect blend of excellent design and impeccable hospitality.


From the most gorgeous standalone villas in Goa to private luxury villas in Lonavala and Alibaug, prepare to be spoiled for choice. But if you’re travelling with a large group for either business or pleasure, Lohono’s gated communities or vaddos, ought to be your first pick. No matter what you choose, know that Lohono’s wonderfully designed holiday homes are where you can make memories of a lifetime. For every Lohono home is handpicked from amongst the world’s most beautiful ones, after a lot of debate. Equipped with cutting-edge amenities and perfectly designed down to the last detail (read: cozy corners and plenty of windows), these homes are where you will discover what ‘lohono’ really means.

Villa Magnolia, Alibaug

There’s also natural beauty wherever you look, guaranteed to leave you with tons of pictures for the ‘gram. What more could you possibly ask for In fact, it all begins right from the minute you decide to make your bookings. Lohono’s highly efficient team guarantees a hassle-free booking experience. Not only will they answer each and every one of those pressing questions, but also patiently guide you through the entire booking process. And when you arrive at your own slice of paradise, Lohono’s on-ground team will provide you with nothing less than the royal treatment. Watch as your every wish and desire is attended to with utmost passion, be it the urge to cook in your villa’s kitchen with organic pickings or a sudden desire to enjoy a hot barbecue under star-spangled skies. And did we mention that at these holiday homes, you will always, always wake up to a delicious breakfast spread put together by Lohono’s expert staff? Talk about the good-life-treatment!

Villa Branco, North Goa

To make your holiday experience that much more unforgettable, the Lohono team is always ready—with the right recommendations, with board games, hot chocolate and pool toys for the kids and with the right contacts to quietly make a candlelight dinner reservation at that local restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to. Besides, appointments with a masseuse and culture trails through the local village can be arranged just as easily as a bespoke celebration or a party conceptualised and planned for your guests. And that’s the Lohono promise—nothing is impossible! Not when it comes to you.

Villa Magnolia, Alibaug

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