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The Touch of Personalisation

At Isprava, we have a deep rooted appreciation for legacy. and that’s why we do things like have time capsules and home books waiting for our home owners

Exemplifying our love for personalisation, we at Isprava go the extra mile to give homeowners something that says we care. From monogrammed mugs and special slippers to bespoke laundry bags,wooden tissue boxes, champagne chillers, and soaps—you name it, every nook and corner of your Isprava home will have something special waiting for you. We take keen interest in our guests’ tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes, and accordingly curate the finest products to make your stay comfortable, unique and personalised. And we thrive on attention to detail. For instance, the bed sheets and pillow covers in your bedroom are double mercerised sheets, and the satin pillow covers have a 300 thread count. Your bath linens come from The Bath Boutique, who are specialised curators of exquisite linens. The zero twist towels are of 550 gsm and offer a casual elegance and unbeatable soft quality, made especially for Isprava. The crockery in your dining room is made of the most exquisite bone china, known for its whiteness, translucency and zero percent toxic elements—famous since 1799. The coffee in your kitchen is Isprava’s Peaberry blend, where each Peaberry bean has been handpicked from estates in Karnataka, and has been freshly roasted, just for you. What’s more, as connoisseurs of the best things in life, Isprava also brings to tea lovers the delicious Silver Tips Tea. Significantly more rare than its storied cousin—the White Tea— Silver Tea from Coonoor is defined by its subtle fragrance. It is grown in plantations carpeting the south of the Western Ghat, meandering through Tamil Nadu. The exquisite tea is extracted from one bud and not just the leaves, and takes even the most experienced of tea pickers weeks to find and continuously harvest these scattered buds. The result of this intricate process, is the singular flavour which makes every sip of this tea an uplifting experience. And according to us, totally worth the effort.

One may wonder how all of this comes to life. It’s simple. We have a dedicated creative team at Isprava who ideate on a variety of products that have the potential to be personalised. The products are chosen from a melange of vendors and once they are confirmed the creative team gets to work on making each product Isprava-esque. Every last detail is considered while selecting products—from the kind of product, to the material, the thickness and even the colour. We scour various heritage companies all over the country and give them our personalised design to make a sample. After this, we confirm the order and make each product unique and user-friendly. And just like that, we present you goodies that say—I’m all yours.

from monogrammed mugs and special slippers To bespoke laundry bags,Wooden Tissue boxes, champagne chillers, and soaps—you name iT, every nook and corner of your isprava home Will have someThing special WaiTing for you.

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