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Looking for the perfect neutral−it’s white in front of you

Many people shy away from an all-white colour scheme because they find it too “plain jane” or feel that it could look unwelcoming. However, monochromatic does not have to mean minimalistic or boring. White can do wonders for your space. It is soothing, serene, and so incredibly elegant and calming, it’s hard not to love. All you need to do is pay attention to detail, and take advantage of its neutrality. Take the opportunity to play around with luxe layers, shapely furniture, and attention-grabbing objects. The trick is not to think about white as a static absence of colour, but as a starting point for layering a rich range of materials and tones. Use tall, flowing curtains to soften a white room; interplay different surfaces by using materials like stone, ceramic and glass to create a visual interest; and add a few wooden and brass items to make your all-white space inviting and cosy.


Around for more than a century, the parquet style is something Isprava loves to a fault

At Isprava, we may be a little obsessed with herringbone—whether it’s for a floor, wall, backsplash or textile. But can you even blame us? These elegant zigzag designs elevate a room from the ground up and adds a certain dimension and whiff of drama that you will fall in love with. The first herringbone flooring may have been found in the far Roman era, formed by tiles in a 45 degree pattern, but today it is making a splash in the most exquisite homes around the world. It is a pattern that’s derived from its resemblance to the bones of a fish, like herring. Today, we love showcasing this graphic flooring in all its glory—from living rooms to dining rooms, entrance halls and even bedrooms—it is versatile, timeless and lots of fun. This may be a classic style, however it adds a modern, exotic vibe to any space. It is also very popular in a hardwood floor construction, especially in the foyer for a more visual effect. What’s more, it has evolved so much so that it is being seen on walls as well.

GOLD reigns

Add a touch of glamour, gilt and gold to your home, and notice how your interiors transform

Classic, regal and charming, the colour gold can bathe a space with a sense of elegance, without looking overdone, if incorporated in a balanced style. A chandelier is the best place to start infusing your home with some shine. We suggest you go for a glass and brass combination, with a touch of gold on the arms. An accent wall of gold glimmering paint is another great way to bring this hue into the spotlight. If that seems too daring, you could even add a single piece of furniture like a gold coffee table in the corner of any space. Minimalist ways of using gold in your interiors are by throw pillows, a statement-making centrepiece, gold rimmed bowls or a golden tray sitting atop the living room center table, golden candles or gold frames to adorn bare walls–there are many ways to use hints of gold and make your space radiate of a classic modern elegance. Here’s all the inspiration you need!


The perfect hue to add a shade of happiness to your interiors— turquoise makes a vivid splash

Cheerful and sophisticated in all the right measures, turquoise, the lovely mix of green and blue brings a dose of joy to your spaces this season. It is such a versatile colour that it can be bright and bursting with energy or pleasantly pale and subdued. It can even be jewel-toned, for a regal touch. The best part is it complements everything—wood, white walls, green spaces, nautical surroundings, you name it. There are many ways to add this vibrant colour to your home. A shimmering turquoise wall paper trumps a floral printed one. You could add a pop of colour beneath your feet, with a contemporary braided rug sporting the shade. For a pale version, hand-blown glass bottles add just a hint of the gorgeous colour to an otherwise neutral palette. If you’re looking for an unexpected way to add some funk to a lacklustre display, think of a ceramic turquoise statue—to bring some whimsy to your décor. You could also add luxe style to your bathrooms by incorporating plush terry jacquard towels in a lovely botanical print, or add a few terracotta candles that give out a beautiful scent. A vintage turquoise finish on an old side table brings a beautiful old world charm to surface. One colour, so many ideas.

WOOD is good

The perfect hue to add a shade of happiness to your interiors— turquoise makes a vivid splash

From sliding doors to headboards, wooden panels transformed into wall art to vintage dressers converted into bathroom counter tops—there’s so much you can do with vintage, reclaimed wood. If you’re looking to spruce up your space with something unique, functional, eco-friendly and sustainable—reclaimed wood is the way to go. One of the benefits of using reclaimed wood vs new wood is the age and maturity of the wood that makes it more durable and stronger compared to less mature wood. It has already been through the process of contracting and expanding, from being exposed to natures’ elements, resulting in it being less prone to split or warp. What’s more, each piece of your reclaimed wooden furniture or décor element will be 100 per cent unique, as it would have gained a lot of character over the years. Different grain patterns, knots and burrows, nail holes, discolouration and uneven edges only add to its charm. Each piece will have its own story and a little piece of history that makes for interesting conversation.

The sTory

From curvy silhouettes to deep, rich jewel tones−here are the coolest sofa trends of the momen

Plush cushions and king-sized silhouettes are what’s topping the charts, because, comfort always comes first. Sofas with curvy, rounded edges are also having a major moment in the world of interiors which could lend a dose of vintage flair, or be flaunted in millennial colours like a cobalt blue. If you’re a fan of Mid-century aesthetic, clean lines, cushion tufting, exposed wooden legs are still all the rage in home decor–especially the tuxedo or cabriole-style sofas. As for the colour palette, bold jewel tones like deep purples, emerald greens and shades of blue are taking over homes across the world. Baby pink is another happy hue doing the rounds. But classics like brown and beige will never go out of fashion either. In terms of upholstery, you could opt for velvet, leather or tufting–all super stylish and guaranteed to enhance the look of any space.

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