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Gone are the days when your living room needed 4 walls. instead, a tree next to your sofa, the wind in your hair—that’s the new cool way of living. don’t you agree?

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Whether it’s a balcony, terrace or expansive backyard, it’s time to take the indoors outside. What was once just a space to place a patio furniture set or grill, today is a full-fledged living space, which we call a huge home upgrade. Not only is it stylish as hell, but it is sensible too. More space to entertain, less clutter indoors, a win-win. After all, there’s no real reason that your living space has to stop at your back door. But there are a few things you need to consider, while designing your outdoor living space.

First, in spaces like these, seating is king. So keep it plush, easy to stretch out on—so this space gets used all the time. Another important factor is temperature. If the home is in a warm-climate destination, make sure you add a cooling source—like a standing air conditioner or fan. As for making your space look stylish—we suggest mixing patterns, colours and textures to create visual interest. Accent pillows, an outdoor rug, different types of greenery, since you’re around nature, artful vases, colour-blocked chairs and hammocks will do wonders. Want more inspiration? Just have a look at any of Isprava’s villas—you will instantly notice our love for the outdoors.