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Light It Up

What’s the point of having a beautiful home if you don’t have the right lighting to show it off? here’s some help, so that you’re never in the dark again

Flip the switch on. Lighting impacts the way everything looks—from the wall colour to the art to the rug to the furniture. Whether it’s wall lights over a sofa or a stunning chandelier that lights up the whole room, from standing lamps to bedside ones—here’s a few tips out of our arsenal.

First, consider different combinations at different levels of the room—layering of lights not only changes the look and feel of the space, but gives you flexibility too. Pairs are always better than one—when you are shopping for table lamps. It helps add balance and symmetry. If you have an empty wall, sculptural sconces are ideal to draw the eye. For a popular space, a striking light fixture like a chandelier can complete the room and switch on the mood. To highlight your art collection pick between picture lights, track lighting, wall washers or ceilingmounted accent lights. Illuminate a vacant corner with a floor lamp—under it, add a cosy armchair—and there you go, you’ve got yourself a cute reading nook. You’re welcome.

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