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IKEA—Now in Hyderabad!

IKEA has around 370 stores in 47 countries. We love its iconic Milan store, and are so excited about its India arrival

It’s one of the world’s largest furniture retailers, and one of our most beloved brands, and it’s finally here! But its journey has been quite interesting. Standing at its helm for around 75-odd years, is Ingvar kamprad, who spent his childhood selling matches, flower seeds, greeting cards, Christmas decorations, and later pencils. He founded IkEA in 1943, at the mere age of 17. Initially, he started by selling small household items, only to move on to revolutionise the furniture market by introducing “flatpacking”—the self-assembly method synonymous with IkEA. Today, he’s one of the world’s richest self-made billionaires. No surprise there. Because, there’s nothing NOT to love about IkEA—from its concept of doing things differently, and providing a range of home furnishing products that are affordable and accessible to combining function, quality, design and value— always with sustainability in mind.

At Isprava we take a lot of inspiration from IkEA and its values. One of our favourite IkEA stores in the world is the incredibly MASSIVE store in Milan. You could spend hours gawking at its size, and the rows upon rows, and floors upon floors of products. But now, you don’t have to go all the way to Milan or any other country for that matter to get products like its two-piece kipplan sofa or its famous Forsa work lamps. As of August 9th, the Swedish behemoth opened its first store in India, spread across a 13acre complex in Hitec City, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Housing almost 7,500 products under one roof—around 5,000 products are from the global range, and 2,000 are made for Asia, 1,000 of which would sell for less than INR 200 a piece, while 500 are adopted specially for India. Look out for the Ursprunglig collection, packed with bold patterns and vibrant prints, all made with Indian textiles. While Hyderabad may be the first, IkEA plans to open 24 more stores in India by 2025.

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