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A Home of History

There’s a unique kind of joy when it comes to refurbishing a beautiful piece of history. And that exactly what it was for Isprava as they gave a home in Coonoor from the 1800s a new lease of life to carry on its beautiful legacy. Here’s a peek inside Glenwood Estate

Set in the breathtaking lands of Coonoor is the stunning Glenwood Estate. It was built in the 1800s when a doctor from Calcutta owned it. The home was then bought by a couple who loved gardening, and it was during their time here that the estate won accolades for its beautiful gardens and landscapes. Isprava instantly fell in love with the home’s location — where it enjoyed breathtaking views of the city lights while being surrounded by beautiful foliage and old trees. The home features 2 bedrooms in its main structure and two bedrooms and a study in its annexe, a grand living room with a fireplace and a dining room with a double heighted roof, as well as manicured gardens that surround. Retaining the beautiful antique colonial style of this home, Isprava gives it a touch of its luxe aesthetic–from beautiful antique one of a kind pieces to custom designed handcrafted flooring.

Here you can enjoy modern amenities while being close to nature. What’s more, you can indulge in a complimentary property management service for one year which will provide for your home care. All you have to do is arrive, and be transported back in time to a place that was once called home, and now, is called an Isprava home.

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