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A Blast from the Past

At Isprava, we honour the old, celebrate tradition and fall in love with heritage, one exclusive piece at a time. And while we don’t shy away from modern nuances, there’s just something so enchanting about artefacts and how they add that personal touch to a home. We’ll show you

When we see something vintage, we just can’t resist. Its story enchants us. Its age, inspires. Its raw beauty takes our breath away. It makes us feel lucky to be able to add a piece of history to your story. We think we are at a stage, where lifestyles lie somewhere between traditional and modern, and it is this eclecticism that we wanted to shine light on. Right from inception stage, we decided our homes would truly stand apart, by injecting the right amount of classic charm from the past. In that stride, the first thing we did was seek out someone who could help us achieve bringing elements of yesteryear to our homes. We appointed a well-known German connoisseur of artefacts, who not only has great taste, but also a keen eye for finding the most exquisite items and applying them aesthetically in each space. In no time, she was able to discover the finest pieces of vintage furniture, right from the source. With her help and passion, we were able to cement a great relationship with the Durbars of Kathiawar, and the rest, as they say, is history!

One of the godowns with all our priced possessions

Our primary goal was to pepper each space, big or small, with interesting conversation-starting pieces, and archive them beautifully in our homes. We wanted to evoke a sense of warmth and welcoming, each time you entered an Isprava home. From the doors to the windows, the walls to the handpicked antique decor items–it’s like walking through a giant treasure box of unique vintage pieces. To ensure we get access to the most sought-after, we allotted several agents in different parts of the country to let us know whenever an old building, haveli or palace is going up for sale or demolition. This gave us the rare opportunity to be able to use the most unbelievably old, naturally procured Burma teak wood doors and windows. Some of the masterpieces that we have curated are incredibly beguiling. Like the covetable wooden door featured in Villa Cecelia, which was used in an old haveli in Haryana about 80 to 100 years ago. Cecelia also features a wooden door from Gujarat, that was used in the state’s post offices more than half a century ago. One of our favourite pieces is the wooden lion face, highlighted in Villa Evora. This is a South-Indian ya-ali wood face that was used at the entrance of a temple that dates back 80 years. Browse through our villas and you will chance upon vintage vases from Surat which were used during the British reign, antique brass bowls from Gujarat that were then used for water storage, decades-old wooden windows, doors, tables, consoles and chairs from Gujarat, ancient wooden church benches from Goa, 30 year-old swings, curios like wooden day beds, intricate ceramic pieces, age-old murals, antiquated mirrors and so much more.

We strive to put as much thought and effort into making your home truly yours—and curate everything from the paintings that hang on your walls to the doors you enter through, to your taste, preference and personality. For example, if you are a horse racing enthusiast, our team will go the extra mile to seek out the most lovely horse paintings and antique horse sculptures from Europe. Ultimately, we want to fill your home with an ancestral wisdom and rich cultural heritage that you won’t be able to get enough of. And so, the treasure hunt continues to continue.

A cupboard from Villa Azul

our primary goal Was To pepper each space, big or small, WiTh inTeresTing conversaTion-sTarTing pieces, and archive Them beauTifully in our homes.

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