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Goa Beaches That You Need to Visit

Holiday Destinations in India to Spend Your Holidays At

  India is indeed a bird of gold. And we say this not just because of the wealth the country was born with but also because of its colourful diversity and culture. And that is exactly what makes it an attractive destination to explore and lose oneself for people from across the world. With every state and city exhibiting distinct traditions, lifestyle, and heavenly landscapes, there is something unique with every place you travel to in this country.   Nilgiris Hills With colourful houses perched on top of green hills, roofs submerged in fog and air filled with divinity, it …

Holiday Destinations in India That Can Bust your Stress

Holiday Destinations in India That Can Bust your Stress

  Everyone needs a few days away from their ordinary life to de-stress and recharge themselves. Fortunately, the globe is etched with beauty in every nook and corner. While, some may be hidden, others are popular spots for a visit. India itself is graced with some fascinating and soul-touching destinations that are ideal solutions to any kind of strain. There are nature colossal, spaces for solace, air of energy and spirited rhythms; this country has a getaway for everyone. Let us take a look at them below.   Munnar Meandering through the green slopes surrounded by lush tea plantations and …

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