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Best of Traditional Goan Eateries in Goa

Best of Traditional Goan Eateries in Goa

  A stellar concoction of some Hindu delectable skills, Muslim and Portuguese culinary quirks; Goan cuisine is immensely rich, wholesome, and delicious. It includes a lot of seafood, rice, coconut, meat, and local spices, thrown together to create appetizing dishes distinctive to the coastal land. Naturally, there is no better place to indulge in authentic and lip-smacking Goan cuisine than in Goa itself. Laced with the peculiar tastes and cooked in their traditional techniques with the unique ingredients, here are the best Goan eateries in Goa.   Casa Sarita Inspired by a colonial home, Casa Sarita is a fine-dine at …

Where to eat Goan in North Goa?

  When it comes to traveling in India, no itinerary is complete without a stopover in Goa. We first came to Goa when looking at land for sale in the sunny state. We wanted to create the perfect holiday homes for those discerning individuals who want more than just superficial luxury. Every Isprava home is built on the foundations of exclusivity, comfort and integrity; three things we take very seriously. If you are considering looking at property in Goa, reach out to us and let us share a little bit more about our story. One thing that is undeniable is …

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