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Brand Equity


New avenues that a marketer should explore

At a time when there is a deluge of marketing information going the consumers’ way, it can get difficult to stand out in the crowd. Even as the marketer’s toolkit continues to expand, new tenets for making the most of marketing spends continue to emerge…

Marketing is a tool that has been around for as long as the first brand was born. Encompassing everything from virtual reality and complex digital strategies to billboards and radio commercials, marketing is how you sell your brand, how you package and then disseminate information about your brand in order to gain awareness and customers. Today’s marketer has so many tools available, but it can still be difficult to identify the best way to grab eyeballs. Customers have seen so many great marketing campaigns that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. So how does one make their mark and capture the imagination (and dollars) of their consumers? Here are a few of our ideas.

You might have heard that content is king, however I’d like to be even more specific and point out that imagery is king with copy playing a supporting act. Most brands use social media like Facebook and Instagram, as their main platform to push out marketing. Both these platforms are focused on showing you thousands of images in a very short time span. According to FameMass, consumers spend an average of just under 2.5 hours every day using social media with Facebook and Instagram clocking in as their most used apps. People love spending time on social media but also spend very little time engaging with posts. You will find that more people scroll mindlessly versus spending time reading and examining each post before liking or commenting on it. Many times, it’s the image that pulls a person in.

We see some of the most beautifully shot images in the world, on a daily basis. From travel bloggers to photographers and fashion brands, everyone has become an expert when it comes to creating images of a desired lifestyle. This means that brands must try even harder to catch someone’s attention. At Isprava, we do this by using the best videographers and photographers in the country in order to showcase our brand. We focus on experiential as well as informative images to give people an idea of what it’s like to actually live in our homes. We do this in a way that is both aspirational but also real.

Another way we give people the feeling of knowing our products, is with virtual reality. We offer 360-degree walk-throughs of each home so that you can experience what it’s like to step into each room and look out over beautiful views. By combining this with strong imagery, guests are able to become part of the Isprava Life, before their journey even begins.

When it comes to marketing, data is probably the most important tool you have. Any new brand should spend a large chunk of their time understanding and getting to know their customers. By doing this, you can target the people you want to convert in a more effective way. There are lots of analytical tools out there that can give you this information, along with the organized collection of email addresses and phone numbers. This bank of information is the most precious thing for any marketer!

Looking at this, it’s clear that strong marketing needs to have a good mix of the old and new. Old in terms of that personal touch, authenticity and attention to detail whereas the new includes new technology, machine learning and virtual reality. It’s this balance that will lead any marketer to true success.

The author is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Isprava & Lohono Stays.


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