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Isprava Contributes To The Discussion On How The Indian Hospitality Sector Is ReShaping Hiring Trends In 2022

ETHRWorld interacted with the hospitality industry leaders to understand the latest hiring trends in the sector, impact of the Covid second wave on hiring, virtual recruitment process and the share of full-time and consultants hired by the organisations.

Discussing the latest hiring trends in the hospitality sector, Nibhrant Shah, Co-Founder and CEO, Isprava & Lohono Stays, said, “There has been a need to increase the strength of the HR team to support the teams across the country.”

“Ability to understand the needs of the guests,, deliver results with limited resources, think out of the box and be able to empathize with both internal and external customers have been the skills that we have been focusing on.Another area that the hiring has increased has been in the technology vertical to help with automation to support the business,” Shah said.