Isprava wins the ET NOW Real Estate Brand of the Year Award

A ideal family getaway with Isprava

    There is nothing truly rejuvenating than a weekend well-spent with your family. There is bliss in the family being together and it is enhanced furthermore with the right place and ambiance. Our luxury holiday homes across the country are all designed at locations with elements that make for an ideal place for bonds to rekindle. The amenities available there are laced with convenience and sophistication, catering to every need and aesthetics of a family getaway. Here is what a family getaway looks like with Isprava.   Celebration by the pool     With our private villa with pool …

Isprava Estates – Your Ultimate Dream Home

  When you think of your dream home, you visualize a property that is laced with luxury and convenience, yes. However, more than anything, what you would primarily look for is a sense of belonging, comfort, and tranquility. Our luxury villas in Goa and Coonoor come with these very qualities and so do our estates, but there is a lot more to them.     ‘Strength’ is what the term Isprava stands for and we, indeed, abide by that in every aspect of our work. Stability, luxury, and sustainability, are all equally infused into every edifice that we design and …

Albany Cottage - Buy villa in Coonoor

Things to do in Coonoor this season

Along with its Beautiful locations like Nilgiri Mountain Train, Sim’s Park, Lamb’s Rock and Dosphin’s Nose, Coonoor also harbours some of the Best Luxury Holiday Homes available for Rent.

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