Marketing in an unfamiliar environment

    It is quite clear that we stand in an unprecedented time. With Covid-19, a pandemic that hit the economy unexpectedly, the world felt its tremors. With all sectors affected, the highest affected industries included the travel and hospitality, however all businesses including ours who offer Luxury villas for sale in Goa and Villas […]

How Isprava is fighting Covid-19

These unprecedented times have caused havoc in the functioning of all economies resulting in a standstill. Many households and companies are finding it difficult to cope with the current lockdown situation. As important as it is to get work turning out, it is more important to ensure the safety and well-being of all our employees. […]

Stand still moments

  As the world takes a pause, Take a moment or many and stand still.  Stand still to appreciate the tiny things around us, that makes this life beautiful.. Beyond travel and luxury,  Adventure and entertainment…. The simple pleasures of life that seemingly get taken for granted. Stand still to absorb it.  Stand still to […]