The Touch of Personalization

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Your home reflects your personality and at Isprava, we go above and beyond to offer just that. We take personalization very seriously and thus, from the bath robes having your initials to your home having its own story book, we always go the extra mile.

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With Casa Brava’s treehouse being an absolute surprise for the homeowner’s kids, Isprava continues to do what it’s best known for. Casa Brava, built around an interesting topography of paddy fields and hillocks, interacts seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Located in Parra, North Goa, Casa Brava’s architectural design reflects the Goan-Portuguese aesthetic to perfection. Click here to explore Casa Brava.

While chatting with the homeowner, he fondly remembers the first time they saw the treehouse and said:

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“We had fallen in love with the plot of land due to this amazing Banyan tree that would have been over a 100 years old. We had small children and indicated to Isprava that a treehouse would be amazing. They said leave it to us and when we first walked into the outdoors at Casa Brava, the treehouse blew us away.”

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The homeowner further added, “A home is more than just a building and interiors and we were clear that our home has to be ‘us’. Given our long list of requirements, it seemed like a very tall and almost impossible ask until we discovered Isprava. They were a relatively new company and had just completed their first three homes. We were impressed with their vision and it ticked all our boxes. We were ready to take the plunge and 15 months later our dream home was delivered to us. It was all that we had imagined and more. When Isprava says welcome to the family, they mean it. They hold your hand from day one and continue to do so even after they deliver the home. This just sets them apart from anyone else out there.”

Its words and experiences like these that motivate us every single day to deliver world class homes. To know more about Isprava’s luxury villas for sale in Goa, villas in Coonoor and villas for sale in Alibaug, you can reach out to us on +91 8080808797 or send an email to [email protected]