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An Isprava home is an heirloom and Glenwood Estate epitomizes that. A home built in the 1800s, has now been refurbished by Isprava and is almost ready for you to move-in! Our signature Coonoor aesthetics with Glenwood Estate’s old world charm complemented with a breath-taking view of the city lights… it doesn’t get any better!

Work in progress

Work in progress

The family that resided at Glenwood Estate has shared their set of memories with us. Below are a few experiences and anecdotes from their time here:

The home was previously owned by an Anglo Indian Dr. Belheart and her brother. They were beloved in Coonoor as she ran a free clinic for the poor run by the University Women’s Organisation where the previous homeowner and their family volunteered.

After Dr. Belheart, a new homeowner and his wife moved in and resided for more than 40 years at Glenwood Estate. Even their kids grew up in the same home. The homeowner himself was an avid gardener. He had an orchid collection of 100 different varieties and spent all day pursuing his hobby of gardening and won many accolades for his garden. Someone once said “Coonoor has the best climate in the world and is perfect for growing anything.” We couldn’t agree more!

The homeowner’s wife used to call it a gardener’s paradise by proudly showing off the flowers from their garden. She loved her oval shaped unusual living room and the wrap-around porch. The garden was her delight where she sat every morning at the front door and admired the view. The morning sun rays coming through the front porch was the best time of her day and she spent it reading, knitting, writing letters and chatting with her kids.

The bright light coming in from the windows beautifully touched the porch and dining room. Their kids equally enjoyed growing up at Glenwood Estate. For them, it was a home filled with beauty, warmth, laughter and joy. It truly felt like heaven on earth.
Good food, good memories and numerous joyful celebrations is their way of reminiscing the home they grew up in. In their words, “Glenwood Estate is a slice of heaven on Earth.”

Here are a few snippets from their time at Glenwood Estate:

The homeowner’s wife loved her 40 plus years in Coonoor where an endless stream of friends and visitors would always drop by for a friendly chat along with a cup of tea and often a meal.

Birthday memories – where she was surrounded by her sisters, daughters and nieces for her 85th birthday.

Family reunion

Glenwood Estate holds so many dear memories of the previous homeowners. From family get-togethers to idyllic walks in the perfect Coonoor weather, from the birds chirping early in the morning to breathing in this precious and pure air, everything was a part of their life at Glenwood. The Coonoor Club was a great meeting place during summer holidays, and their evenings were always occupied with good friends and fun times. Visiting Ooty was another great outing that promised good food, shopping and a visit to the Ooty Flower Garden.

“Anyone who lives in Glenwood would be lucky and sure to make new equally beautiful memories.” quotes the previous homeowner. Isprava aims to conserve their legacy and take you back in time. To know more about our villas for sale in Coonoor, luxury villas for sale in Goa, and villas for sale in Alibaug, you can reach out to us on [email protected]
Your dream legacy home awaits you…