Arts and Frames with Laila Malpani


It has been more than a month of social distancing and today we have something really exciting for you! To break away from the monotony of each day we have curated some top tips with our favourite Interior Designers to help add the Isprava touch to your home.

This is our small way of helping you – our Isprava family, to distract your mind from the stresses of the outside world. And while you spend your time indoors, we give you elements, ideas, references and tips to introduce Isprava’s signature style and aesthetics to your space and thus #IspravaYourHome like our luxury villas for sale in Goa, Coonoor and Alibaug.

Today we chat with Laila Malpani.

Laila has a degree in interior design and garden design from the prestigious Inchbald School of Interior Design in London. She has worked with well known Interior Design and Architect firms such as Kiran Patki, Prakash Mankar & associates and also helmed iconic Mumbai designer Sunita Pitamber’s Studio for several years.

#IspravaYourHome with Art and Frames

Why Art and Frames?

Although they have changed a lot since the traditional wooden pieces, photo frames and paintings alike are still among the most popular interior decoration items, adding style and personality to a home. Frames have been used for paintings and photographs since the beginning of time and the art of making photo-frames has evolved into one requiring craftsmanship.

Art and Frames X Isprava

Isprava’s private luxury villas in Goa, Coonoor and Alibaug are always donned with beautiful photos and art work that can either be traditional or quirky, and custom framed – and ranges from modern pieces to antique buys to cool photographs. Today, we find these timeless decor items available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors to match any interior. As it’s often said that every house tells a story about its owner, photo frames and art alike contribute greatly to creating these stories. They always add an extra unique touch to a display.

#IspravaYourHome with these Fun Tips:

1. The easiest and fun way to spruce up your home during quarantine: dig up old family photos – we all have them, and make a collage on your wall.
2. Another exciting way to decorate with frames includes taking your little one’s art work and making a collage in their room.
3. You could also dig up those dusty holiday finds you forgot about and arrange them to mix and match more than one design. For eg: marry a Greek water color with some Turkish photograph and throw in a Thai screen for good measure
4. An easy way to arrange frames of all kinds is to lay them on the floor in front of the wall you want to decorate and decide on spacing before you begin.
Requirements are: masking tape to mark the positions, a hammer and nails and voila you are good to go!