Isprava’s top DIY favourites to help get through this lock down

Get artistic to get through these difficult times. Don’t let the lockdown let you catch on to rust. Instead, bring out elements from your storage back and bring them alive with a few easy do-it-yourself touches. We have listed a few easy DIY items that will help bring out the aesthetics in your home.




While the birds are meant to be free in the skies the birdcage can surely catch some eyes. Use steel or tin cages spray painted in rustic hues to add alluring charm to your window exteriors. You can even turn them into candle holders or stuff them with beautiful flowers. Many of Isprava’s villas for sale in Goa and Coonoor villas for sale feature bold black birdcages.

Canvas painting



Bring out the painter in you and let it try a hand or two at throwing colours around. Grab a canvas and go all crazy. Fill up balloons with paints and throw darts at them, collect some dry leaves for prints or just go splashing your paintbrush onto the canvas sheet. The result ought to be nothing short of a masterpiece.

Light it up


Play with the light and add beauty to your home. Don’t let the fairy lights lie around in storage waiting to be taken out only for Diwali. Unbox them and twirl them around glass bottles, string them around bed corners or sidebars, better yet wrap a sheer covering around to add a touch of elegance.




Pick up the sheets lying around and contribute to recycling. Turn pieces of paper into cool designs like flowers, animals or even a paper boat. Check out some fun Youtube tutorials to try out interesting designs. After all, time is all we have for now.

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