Interview with Mithil Srivastav

Interview with Mithil Srivastav


Mithil is a true Goa lover, having been born and brought up there. He is responsible for bringing innovation and technology to our interactions with guests and management of homes which is perfect for him as he loves innovation and is constantly finding new solutions.

Goa lover

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you end up at Isprava?

A simple Goan boy trying to keep up with the city life of Bombay. A complete foodie and someone who believes in testing, failing and iterating. Two people responsible for getting me to Isprava are Nibhrant and Devendra. Nibhrant’s vision is just awe inspiring.


What is your role here?

Head of Technology and Product Evangelist. My team not only understands the challenges in various functions but also automates or introduces use of technology or processes to optimize every walk of the business.


What is your favourite part of your role?

Conceptualizing the product vision with the business team and working towards it is something that is beyond extraordinary. Very few people get to experience working with a fabulous management who gives them the freedom to innovate.


Tell us a little bit about the culture at the office?

It’s full of energy. With various teams on the floor pushing to meet their targets, it’s just a great environment to be in.

Were you always inclined toward the luxury space? If so, how do you feel it evolving in India now?

Not really. But I am overwhelmed with the learnings and it’s been a great journey so far. Looking forward to understand the luxury space even better and take the product experience to the next level.


Are you more a beach person who loves the energy of Goa or the tranquil calm of the lush Nilgiris?

I’m from Goa, so definitely a beach person. There is nothing better than sitting on a beach with a drink in your hand.


What does luxury mean to Isprava?

Luxury to Isprava is going that extra mile to give the client not only what one is looking for but something extraordinary that surpasses their expectations.


Rapid Fire

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Check my phone is the obvious answer. Anything else would be a lie.

What are three things we will find on your desk?

Firstly, I don’t think I need a desk, I keep moving from one spot to another. But on a serious note, a coffee mug, mint and my chargers.

Favourite vacation spot?

Hoi Ann, Vietnam.

A celebrity you would like to have a drink with?

Christopher Wylie. Understanding his thought process and what went behind the CA campaigns would be a great topic to chat about.

If you could have a holiday home anywhere, where would it be?

Goa, without any doubt! The food and atmosphere in Goa is uncanny.

Favourite TV character?

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.