Things to avoid while designing a luxury home


Luxury has been attached to so many words and so many meanings. Initially, luxury merely attainable, known to be accessible only to those with healthy bank accounts.  However, the meaning of luxury has evolved many times over a period of years. Now, luxury is described as a feeling of being, a state of mind. While some may finds luxury in the leather seats of a car some find luxury in a voluminous pool. Luxury can be found in various elements of life. Luxury can be showcased by various elements of life. Similarly, luxury can also be found in the design and style of your home. However, in order to showcase luxury people often end up making disastrous mistakes while design their homes. Here’s a list of don’ts that we have assembled for you while purchasing a luxury home. 


1. Colour me bad



An essential to keep in mind while designing a luxury home is to avoid going loud with one tone. Sometimes people overuse shades like blood red, black, gold, etc which ends up making the home look the opposite. Another thing to always remember is that dark shades aren’t the only synonym to luxury. Soft pastels add simplicity yet elegance to the home. Isprava’s luxury villas for sale in Goa and luxury villas for sale in Coonoor are painted in all the right shades of opulence. 


2. Gold is so extra



Everything gold is so not luxury! While gold pillars, lining or details add a lot of luxe to the design of the home, going all out with this element is a total no-no! Turning everything into gold makes it look nothing short of tacky. 


3. Don’t stick to the same colour palette or material 



While designing a luxury home, people often end up making the mistake of sticking to a single type of material or overdoing a colour.  For instance, an all-white home may end up look less luxurious and more like a church. Similarly, a wooden luxury cottage will end up looking very dull unless we add breaks to bring out pops. Soft pastel hues covering the overall structure of the home coupled with pops of solid shades in the form of patterns, prints or upholstery brings out a charming allure in luxury holiday homes. This combination can be seen prominently in our villas for sale in Goa and villas in Coonoor.


4. Don’t forget the importance of space 



The best way to bring out luxury in a home is to keep it spacious. A cramped up home, stuffed with furniture and unnecessary things, or everything placed too close to each other screams everything opposite of luxury. Keep your home as spacious as possible. Large living rooms, big open windows, bedrooms with free-flowing space to walk around, even bathrooms should be kept spacious.