New beginnings at Isprava

Isprava presents Lohono stays


Isprava launches Lohono Stays!

Luxury living never looked better. Isprava introduces Lohono Stays, a true-blue luxury experience for those who enjoy living the good life!

Luxurious and comfortable villas

We, at Isprava are constantly looking at redefining the notion of the word ‘luxury’. Be it rental properties or holiday homes, we are committed to offering nothing short of perfection. And now, we have tried (and might we say, succeeded), in raising the bar, with Lohono Stays, the latest addition to the Isprava family. Different from Isprava, yet so alike, think of Lohono Stays as an uber luxurious platform that caters to every discerning individual with a penchant for the finer things in life. Coming to fruition out of the intention of giving the Indian customer more options in the holiday home space, Lohono delivers delightful, contemporary weekend breaks in the most unbeatable locations. Lohono evokes a sense of freedom when you travel, promises you a homely comfort coupled with the signature Isprava hospitality, all rounding up into an experience like no other. Once you holiday the Lohono way, we are pretty certain you won’t want to holiday any other way.

With Lohono Stays, we promise properties equipped with top-notch aesthetics, curated services, a simple booking process, prompt and efficient staff, advanced utilities and technical appliances. And shining through it all is an air of sheer luxury and experiential offerings. Think barbecue nights, curated meals, yoga classes on demand, and world-class amenities, all of which you can indulge in, at the villa of your dreams. Beyond the villa, we have curated a bucket list of adventures and memorable moments that can be arranged for you according to your desire. That’s the Lohono experience.

Come, Lohono with us!


Why to visit Villa Beira Mar before 2019 ends

Escape to the idyllic environs of Alibaug and check into Villa Beira Mar. With ocean views, quick access to the beach and Lohono’s signature hospitality, it’s all that you have dreamed of, and more…

Brunch with an amazing view

If you’re planning a visit to Alibaug before the year ends, we suggest putting up at Villa Beira Mar. Why? We will give you five reasons.

1) Villa Beira Mar is located right on Kihim Beach, so you can stroll down to soak up some rays or enjoy the view right from the property while you sip on a hot cuppa.

2) This gorgeous property, spread across an acre, comes with a private pool and a gazebo to host guests. If you are planning to throw an NYE bash, this home promises an ideal setting.

3) If you are a larger than usual group, you will be glad to know that Villa Beira Mar offers as many as five bedrooms that can accommodate 10(+2) guests, where you can put up comfortably.

4) The breezy terrace is equipped with a dining area, so that you can finally, finally enjoy the thrill of a private al fresco dinner with your loved ones. A Christmas feast on the cards?

5) The villa also boasts a special spa and yoga service that you can make the most of. Can you imagine doing Suryanamaskaras with stunning views of the ocean—what a perfect way to kick off your New Year resolutions!


The next big destination on Isprava’s radar – Alibaug 

The salty ocean breeze. The cosy holiday homes. The seafood restaurants. The peaceful vibe. What’s not to love about Alibaug? It sure is one of our favourites!

Visit, explore & stay in Alibaug

What was once a sleepy little coastal town has today become one of the hottest getaway destinations among city slickers. Alibaug has always had its very own kind of beauty. It is a place that’s steeped in age-old charm, one that’s slowly but surely changing and modernising with time. We think it’s safe to say that Alibaug is where it’s at!

There’s so much to do here. For those who just want to relax and unwind, there are the beaches. For water babies, there’s the chance to swim in the sea. Food lovers will enjoy discovering an abundance of culinary jewels in Alibaug. In fact, a lot of eminent personalities flock here when they want to catch a quick break. And then of course, comes the architecture. Alibaug is filled with some of the most beautiful homes that you would wish to live in yourselves! Luckily for you, Isprava’s already thought of that.

And now you could find yourself renting out or living in a wonderfully-equipped Isprava holiday home in Alibaug! Yes, that’s right—we have brought our signature hospitality, our vision and our gorgeous villas to this dreamy coastal town and we couldn’t be more excited! Stay tuned for more updates.


Beaming with life, 2020, bring it on

Alekha began her career in fitness as an experiment and today finds herself at the helm of a brand that hopes to beam its followers into great health and happiness. In conversation with the founder of Beam Health, Alekha talks to Isprava about her 2020 goals in fitness, travel and more.

Welcoming 2020 with a smile

1) With the new year around the corner what health goals do you have in the bag?
For this coming year, my big goal is consistency and sticking to a more permanent routine in terms of food, fitness and rest. My short term goal is to get back into running and complete a half marathon.

2) What would you consider as the ideal wellness vacation? What is your favourite Isprava haven?
For me, it’s anywhere with access to the outdoors and nature, also having delicious food is an absolute must! It’s a tough call because I love them all, but right now I’m dreaming of good weather and some hiking so I would say Albany Cottage, Coonoor.

3) What does luxury mean to you? Is it a place, a feeling, or something special?
Definitely a feeling, I think anything that transports me from the everyday, even if it’s something small.

4) What is an “ideal meal” according to you? How important is food nutrition to fitness goals?
For me nutrition is the foundation of health. Combine that with movement and rest and you are set for the long term. The ideal meal for me is anything nutritious and delicious – I can’t really get behind food that doesn’t taste and do good at the same time.

5) What else are you looking forward to in 2020? Any Isprava adventures on the horizon?
I have lots of exciting things happening with work, I’ll be launching Beam Health retreats soon so that’s something I’m really looking forward to. Definitely, last year I celebrated my birthday at Igreha Vaddo, this year it’ll be in Alibaug!

6) How would you describe the ideal fine balance of life? 
For me, it’s health and happiness. I’m really inspired by my grandparents and the other older people I meet, who have worked at keeping themselves in good shape so they can continue to do the things that they love. I think it’s doing your best so that you can do and have the things you want, whatever they may be.