Isprava – Crafted with Love and Luxury

Villa Alenteho


Luxury, comfort, and sustainability are a few bases we build our luxury private villas on. And these are exactly the factors that, we believe, set us apart. We also believe that these distinct features and our attribute of crafting everything almost go hand in hand. At Isprava, every holiday home is enamoured with the details that are hand-crafted. The food, the concierge, and every facility that augments the value of these luxury villas in Goa and houses for sale in Nilgiris are all crafted by us for you. And that is what forms one of the pillars of Isprava.

The details of the interiors of our villas are all sourced from heritage destinations of the country, polished and crafted to match our aesthetics. The doors, the windows, the furniture – all hold that vintage and handcrafted accent, and so do the tiles and flooring. These hand-made tiles like Kota and Kaddapa are sourced locally and are used to add that consistent charm to the house.


Moreover, hospitality, which is an added quality to our set of services, is well-crafted to create experiences that last a lifetime. Complete with the soothing and sophisticated ambience of our homes, the bespoke concierge services and of course, impeccable hospitality, our homes create beautiful moments and memories.


We believe that the services, the details, and all the aesthetics that we craft for you are the ones that make our holiday homes so comfortable, sustainable, and luxurious. And with the expansion of the company and our work, we continue to establish ‘Crafted’ as one of our pillars.