Colour trends for your home this year


Last year’s edgier, experimental colour palette is now fading into a range of soft, muted tones this year. While some months back, home walls were painted in bright bold hues, while now, the same has undergone a makeover. Designers are now looking at pastels, earthy, and elemental shades for the walls, home decor, and wallpapers. This year, if you’re looking at refurbishing your abode or designing a new home, your primary choice of colour would waver somewhere between natural and woody. Let’s run through these trends now, shall we?


Misty Blues

Radiating calmness and peace, blue is a popular colour for homes and creative workplaces. And this earthy shade of blue with undertones of grey exudes more than just tranquillity; it denotes sophistication and a positive energy in the room.


Tree Green

A synonym of ‘Night Watch’, this deep green hue takes the forefront of the interior design trends this year. Seemingly inspired by the popular Hunter Green colour epidemic of the 90’s, this moody shade brings in nature into a room with a contemporary boldness.



Almost a perpetual part of the design industry for quite a few years now, pastels are favoured by all and for all. Particularly conducive for the common areas of the house, it is easy to bring in warmth and serenity through a palette of muted, pastel tones.


Raw Wood

New yet comfortingly old; take shades of wood to your wall to replace the same old neutrals with the softness and newness of this hue. Pine, maple, and ash tones on the wall will not only cast a minimalistic ambience but also inspire creativity.



Reel in a nature-friendly hue that also brings in a modern feel with this soft terracotta colour on the wall of your room. Besides bringing in a dash of contemporary, this earthy colour radiates vibrancy and energy.

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Picture Courtesy: Dulux, Essential Homes, Eclectic Trends and Trend Book.