Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Master Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your lair – your sanctuary that is truly more reflective of your personality than the rest of the house. It is where you retire at the end of the day and where you unwind and reenergize for the next day. It naturally deserves some special treatment and design aesthetics. Now, while we work so hard to design and plan the décor, we may end up going overboard with it, overlooking some mistakes in the process. Since the master bedroom is an important space of your house, it is wise to be familiar with these common mistakes to avoid there.


Over- Accessorizing

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They say that your house and particularly your room should resonate with you. So decorating it with accessories and elements that add a personal touch to the space would seem just about right to you. And it most definitely is. However, in the process of exhibiting your personality through design, you may end up creating a clutter instead. Stick to minimalism and think ‘less is more’ as you begin adding character to the room with accessories.


Matching Elements

Coordinating the colour of your bed

Another most common design misconception and mistake is matching. Coordinating the colour of your bed with other furniture in the room may seem sensible at first. You would want uniformity and a definite aesthetic in your abode, but matching every piece and element there would be highly unconducive. You don’t want your bedroom to mimic a display bedroom at a store. Your master bedroom should convey homeliness and comfort, and matching elements is bound to snatch away that personal touch.



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It is good to try out new designs, styles, and themes, but in the quest to make your room stand out, you may end up deteriorating its ambience. Exploring new options and getting experimental to strike a proportionate mood is something that is advisable, but putting together various elements and experimenting out of the line is not.


Scanty Lighting

Scanty Lighting

To less of lighting is a big no-no for the master bedroom. Accent lights meant for augmenting a certain mood in the room are great options. However, limiting the room only to these lights will take away the whole essence of the space. The master bedroom needs to have enough natural light peeking in during the day-time, and just the right kind of light fixtures to facilitate relaxation during the dark hours.

The designers of Isprava homes feel these are some mistakes that people often overlook, which is why we curated this list for your perusal when you revamp your master bedroom next.


Picture Courtesy: Scott Milivgray, Design Intervention Diary, Decoist, AZCentral and Homebuilding Renovation.