Unveiling Isprava’s newest home this monsoon and more…

A unique piece of luxury – Presenting Casa Brava

Colonial Portuguese architecture combined with Isprava luxury, brings to life a villa that holiday dreams are made of.

Located in Parra, Bardez, North Goa, Casa Brava is a melting pot of unique design, style and luxury. The two-story home features four bedrooms that boast of beautiful layouts and inimitable décor accents sourced from all over the country, a stunning courtyard in the centre with a private pool and serene garden, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining and living room that offers beautiful paddy field views and features handpicked antiques intermingled with some modern furniture, and an expansive terrace with a Banyan Tree spilling onto it. Designed to pay homage to the landscapes and cultural influences of Goa, Casa Brava is a gem in the Isprava crown. It ​has ​been built with the intention of maintaining the surrounding natural beauty and with design sensibilities that reflect Goa’s narrow lanes and little vaddos. On the inside, there is an attention to detail that enhances the villa’s look. Old world charm meets modern minimalism—from the doors to the floors, the rose painted glass windows to the light fixtures and stunning upholstery, every space and corner has been given a touch of style. Privacy, peace, beauty and luxury – Casa Brava ticks all the right boxes.


Isprava guides you on your home makeover

It’s time to set the refresh button, and give your home a stylish edit. Isprava gives you all the tips, tricks and trends of the moment to make sure you ace the transformation.

Whether it is a complete overhaul or just a few quick upgrades, the ultimate goal of any home makeover is to create something that will make you happy. The first step is deciding on how to add character to a particular space—it can be as easy as reupholstering a sofa in a funky floral fabric that matches your wallpaper or adding a set of satin pillows and woolen throws to your bed in the bedroom. For your bathroom, a free standing tub is a cool new trend to try—while dark walls and a few candles will add the dose of drama you desire. Embrace a colour palette that not only reflects your personality but also adds a layer of fun to any space. Task lamps, antique collectibles, functional furniture and chic seating arrangements will help revive your space, while mirrored glass additions will make a small space look bigger than it actually is. Abstract paintings and floral murals, sprawling rugs and carpets, arched doorways, curtains and indoor plants are other accents that can give your home a renewed sense warmth. An ornate chandelier can add an element of grandeur to your space, while a herringbone motif is also an interesting touch to incorporate. For more home makeover inspiration, browse through our villas.


Goa’s Monsoon at Villa Evora

Monsoon Goa is very different from the Goa most are used to. Its washed in a natural beauty that’s hard to resist, but easy to enjoy from the comfort of luxury at Villa Evora.

Away from the beaches, sun and sand, s​​its Villa Evora, your perfect monsoon retreat. Tucked away in a quaint street in the village of Assagaon, this charming Portuguese-style villa offers the perfect escape. Featuring four bedrooms complete with vintage furnishings, an airy living and dining area with a triple-height sloping roof and a modern kitchen with every amenity you need, Villa Evora also has a sub-tropical garden that comes to life when the rain pours down, and a beautiful patio with chic sit outs, from where you can enjoy a steaming hot cup of ​j​oe in a romantic climate. Inside, hand-finished walls, broken marble flooring and stained glass windows add character to the home, while distressed wooden flooring and antique furniture transforms the villa into a work of art. Arched doorways lead to a verandah that touches a swimming pool, and a flight of hand-cut stone steps lead you to a bedroom with a balcony that overlooks the lush greenery around you. Idyllic and intricately designed, Villa Evora will ​encase​ you in a luxury that is hard to find, and even harder to leave behind. So this monsoon, plan your escape, and arrive at Isprava’s Villa Evora.


Millennial’s Media Maverick in the Isprava Spotlight

A go-getter, media master, social influencer—Nikhila Palat has made waves with her work— being a Miss India finalist, former National champion in Tennis, a PR mogul at the Taj Hotel or consulting with us at Isprava. We talk all things style, design and luxury with her.

1. Style has so many facets. How do you think one’s fashion sensibilities merge with how their spaces look?
Style is very personal. It​ ​is​ important to create a space that is reflective of your personality. This can be done by adding small elements to a room that have meaning in your life or by choosing colours and textures that speak to you.

2. Luxury can be many things. What is it to you?
Time for me is luxury. Keeping that in mind, I believe we should use ours and others time wisely.

3. Tell us about your favourite Isprava Villa, and one element of style that truly stood out.
My favourite is Villa Verde. ​E​very aspect of the villa is beautifully designed ​however, ​the stand out feature for me is the exquisite light fixtures that create shadow art on the walls.

4. Goa for its beaches or the Nilgiris for its hillside serenity?
It really is a tough choice. I personally am a beach baby;​ given half a chance and you will find me soaking in the sun and sands of a private island. But on the other hand, my dad’s grandparents lived in Coonoor and so there is a lot of history connecting me to the Nilgiris’.

5. What usually is your favourite space in a home?
I am a work-a-holic, so my favourite space at home is my small office area that I have created by the window overlooking the sea!

6. What is your opinion of the Isprava aesthetic?
Isprava is the ep​ito​me of understated elegance. Nibhrant and his team have an intuitive understanding of design that is timeless. This is one of the many reasons for their success!