Where to retreat, eat and indulge

Your new summer retreat – Villa Branco

This summer Villa Branco opens its doors to you and invites you in to its luxe embrace, elevating your holiday experience like never before.

Once you arrive at Villa Branco, located in North Goa’s fashionable Anjuna, you will find it hard to leave. Shining in white under the bright Goan sun, this beautiful five bedroom villa boasts details that push the envelope. It features beautifully curated and handcrafted masterpieces like vintage trunks, a chest of drawers, an antique wooden dining table and a vintage bed with an intricate needlework cover, a breath taking wall-to-wall crockery cupboard and an ancient marble bird bath as a sink. The villa also showcases a myriad of interesting doors and custom designed floors which include carved white screens and louvered doors, honey-and-cream striped flooring, a palace door embedded with mirrors, a staircase featuring a flower flooring. Even its architecture is so aesthetically executed with a cupola foyer, small and big open space courtyards, sprawling living and dining areas with arched doorways-Villa Branco is a work of art, inside and out. It also furnishes all the amenities you need, and features a stunning swimming pool with a private gazebo as well. What’s more, it is close enough to your favourite restaurants, bars, beaches and the Saturday Night Market, yet is an idyllic hideaway from the hustle and bustle. So this summer, skip the five star retreats and make Villa Branco your very own great, luxury escape.


Stained glass art

Stained glass is a timeless style statement, one that has been flaunted for centuries together, especially in medieval churches and cathedrals. Today, even in the most modern of spaces, it finds its place.

The art of stained glass was developed some time in the 12th century. It was made by colouring glass with metallic oxide powders and painting over it. Different metals created different colours. The coloured glass pieces were then arranged and joined together to create true works of art. Over time, technologies, manufacturing processes, methods, techniques and qualities have improved and evolved, and stained glass art has remained relevant in even the most contemporary of spaces and designs. It can be applied as stunning screens, panels for walls, doors for cabinets, on wardrobes, lampshades, skylights and windows. One of the best things about stained glass is its universality, it looks good in an interior of any style–country, contemporary or classic.


Around Goa on a plate

Goa is a melting pot of flavours and has a big personality when it comes to food. It features some of the finest restaurants, from beach shacks to Michelin-style fine dining and everything in between. Here are some of our favourite places to eat around Goa.

Reserve in advance when you visit Palácio do Deão, a restored 18th century Indo-Portuguese manse which is as many know it, a historic property. But what only a very few know, is that it is also a restaurant where you will be treated to a beautiful 5-course meal celebrating Goan-Portuguese cuisine with items like prawn curry and layered coconut cake up for grabs. On the flipside of this, is Matsya Freestyle Kitchen, located at the Samata Holistic Retreat Centre. Here, Israeli chef, Gome Galily uses his creative powers on farm-to-table fare bringing to fore some truly inventive food in a freestyle manner. For contemporary Japanese fare, visit Sakana, which is just a brisk walk from Anjuna beach, and indulge in sushi, sashimi and salads and its delicious beef yoshinoya. La Plage will give you the whole beach shack vibe as it serves you French fusion food like a sesame crusted tuna fillet. Don’t miss its famed chocolate thali before you leave. But when you’re craving some seriously great South Indian food, Gunpowder is the place to go! Locals know it for its authentic, spicy dishes and its quaint style. We suggest you order the lamb curry with green chilli peppers, the Kerala-style prawn masala and Malabar paratha! Give these eating havens a try the next time you’re staying at an Isprava villa in Goa. Bon Appetit!


On the gourmet block – meet Neha Chokhani

She’s got a taste for the finer things in life—Neha Chokhani along with her mother set up Open Table, a gourmet food company dedicated to fresh, wholesome and delicious food. We talk to the entrepreneur about all things luxe.

1. As a connoisseur of gourmet goodness, what does luxury mean to you?
Luxury for me ties comfort with beauty. For our business, using the freshest ingredients to create scrumptious food also translates into luxury. And of course for my home, gorgeous upholstery, warm wood finishes, personal touches all symbolise luxury to me.

2. Authenticity is important, when it comes both to food and style. What do you think about Isprava’s design aesthetic?
Isprava’s design aesthetic, where luxury meets simplicity is appealing – homes designed to stand out but yet fit into their surroundings, comfort taken care of without the home being ostentatious. A blend of quirky and classic!

3. Three elements your holiday home must have?
Loungy and super comfy seating, an outdoor terrace for lazy breakfasts and a pool for water fun!

4. The kind of garden you love?
Gorgeous blooms and trees, a gazebo to sit in and take it all in, and loads of open space.

5. Goa or the Nilgiris and why?
Goa, for the amazing vibe that seeps into you the minute you land there.

6. Your favourite Isprava villa and why?
Villa Verde, for its gorgeous aesthetic, quiet courtyard and inviting living room.

7. Your ideal kitchen looks like…
…wide, gleaming countertops, warm cabinet shutters, an island for my kids to sit at while I cook for them and loads of sunlight!