Trends, Events And Luxury This Summer

5 Things you didn’t know about Villa Capela

From its design inspiration to the ideal spot to sip a piping hot cuppa joe—we reveal Villa Capela’s top five secrets

1. Location to love! A hidden gem in a secluded part of Parra in North Goa—Villa Capela enjoys this idyllic location that’s close to the bustling beaches, yet ensconced in utter privacy. It’s a mere 15 minutes away from Thalassa and 30 minutes from La Plage—perfect for those last minute reservations. On Saturdays, you can hop over to the famous night market—a quick 10 minute drive away. And when you are ready to leave, if that moment ever arrives, you will only take 45 minutes to reach the airport.

2. Architecture is reminiscent of a Mediterranean fort! With a beautiful rectangular courtyard, a collage of stunning doors and windows, and each charming bedroom decked with antique furniture—Isprava revives the beauty of yesteryear architecture.

3. The views are a feast for the eyes! From the whitewashed chapel that sits in the middle of the fields to the picturesque forest and to the palm-lined paddies. Your vantage points are the projecting balconies. Stop and stare.

4. The best spot to sip tea For the most stunning views of the sunset between the hills, climb the staircase that leads you to the spacious terrace, onto which the branches of a banyan tree spill and a sloping pergola with a seating area exist.

5. There is a bridge in the house! A quaint passage connects the bedrooms and looks into the beautiful courtyard below.

Colour therapy – the hues of the moment

Colour plays a paramount role for Isprava and its villas—we tell you about the colours that paint your home-to-be, and how they exude positivity.


The right combination of colours stimulate energy into the spaces of your home – it is therapeutic in its own way. Isprava’s colour play includes a myriad of pastel shades. They are soft, relaxing and exude a warmth that keeps you embraced. From the walls of the home to the accessories – everything is coordinated to look luxe and stylish in all the right measures. Creating contrasts also bring life to any room. For instance, for the living room walls we usually choose white – associated with innocence, purity and goodness, while it is offset with contrasts like gold, shades of turquoise and bright pink which colour the cushions, curtains and bolsters. Beige – associated with calmness and relaxation – is used in the bedrooms, while cream instils beauty and charm. For the dining area, peach, a colour of healing and peace is often used, while light orange fosters happiness and joy. Another colour that is part of the Isprava palette, is yellow – the colour of honour. Throughout our homes you will also notice woody greens associated with nature, and brick oranges which exude energy and stimulation. For a child’s bedroom, we often use lights greens and yellows – that usher in cheer, joy, youth, balance and clarity. While the master rooms are balanced with shades of rose pink – a symbol of gentleness, gratitude and appreciation, as well as mahogany, which represents strength and endurance. Our favourite hue of the moment is mauve – it is known to encourage good dreams, and it also calms emotions.

It’s show time in the Nilgiris this summer

Major attractions, entertaining events and the best weather ever – there are many reasons to visit the Nilgiris this summer, besides staying in utter luxury at Isprava.

This summer, the Nilgiris will turn into one big festival of festivities. From cool cultural programmes to boat pageantries – the land of tea plantations and rolling hills turns into one grand stage. Tune into dance, drama and music shows celebrating classical arts at an open air stadium. Or experience the best of floral beauty at the annual flower show, held at the Botanical Garden. Two hundred exhibitors will gather to showcase more than 150 varieties of flowers in creative shapes and formations. The rose show is another highlight this May, where huge rose towers made of thousands of roses are put on display. From a fruit show to a dog show, a spice show to a vegetable show—there is plenty to fill your Nilgiris itinerary this summer. Other events include a hot air balloon show, a tour of heritage buildings, a painting exhibition, an eco-trekking event, a vintage car rally and a boat race and pageantry. All this in the finest weather all month long. Don’t miss a summer of fun and action in Nilgiris – while you stay in luxury and style at Isprava.

A designer’s fancy

With an artistic state of mind, she puts together some of the most eye-catching designs. In conversation with ace graphic designer, Tarana Sheth Sabharwal, we ask her about all things luxury.

1. With a penchant for design, what kind of aesthetic appeals to you when it comes to holiday homes.
Simple yet stylish. I prefer an understated yet classy design which doesn’t compromise on comfort but isn’t too in your face, either. Isprava’s aesthetic is exactly what appeals to me. The wabi sari feel of their homes is bang on when it comes to the perfect aesthetic appeal of a holiday home.

2. What does luxury mean to you?
Luxury is felt and not announced. Luxury to me, is when something (be it a product or service) makes you feel like a million bucks and doesn’t necessarily scream its own worth.

3. Old is gold – tell us about the kind of antiques you would want in your holiday home?
Being a hopeless romantic, I would love to own antiques that tell a story; their imperfections relaying their own history.

4. How do you think Isprava gives the concept of luxury living its own unique edge?
Isprava doesn’t follow any cliques; it doesn’t adhere to any rulebooks. Isprava has created its own unique concept of living. It has made its own unique combinations of antique and modern with its furniture co-existing with their smart homes, using raw and genuine materials like IPS, which is replete with a history, with its young customers being attracted to the classic taste with which the homes are made. Isprava’s unique edge is being true to itself.

5. Which is your favourite Isprava villa and why?
Villa Branco undoubtedly. That was the first of its kind. It stood out of the crowd and stood tall. I was instantly in love with Isprava when I saw this Villa. To me, Villa Branco will always be the definition of Isprava, simply beautiful.