Why Isprava?

Villa Verde - Anjuna, Goa


Living in a big city has its benefits; you have easy access to public services, shopping, entertainment options and businesses. However, there is something to be said about living a simpler life. Go back to the days of your childhood when life was carefree and close to nature. This is what we try to bring back with our luxury holiday homes in Goa. Isprava builds luxury villas in North Goa which transport you to a space of peace, tranquillity and calm. Our homes are secluded and private but are also a short drive from many of Goa’s highlights. You can spend the day lounging in your private pool and then drive only ten minutes to have dinner at one of Goa’s best restaurants. It is keeping this lifestyle in mind that we built Isprava.



Owning a villa in Goa used to be a dream because the thought of maintaining a home in another state was more of a nightmare. Seeing this gap in the market, we decided to create a segment of luxury homes that require nothing more than for you to show up. We take care of all your amenities, furniture and services from your air conditioners and cable television to having coconut water stocked in the fridge for your arrival. We also hire staff to take care of your home and have a concierge service that is always on call. So whether you need to book your favourite restaurant or have a car arranged to pick up your friends from the airport, we’ve got you covered!



Another unique feature of every Isprava holiday home is that we furnish your home with antiques and artefacts that we have sourced from palaces and havelis across India, and the world. Each tile is handmade as is each piece of furniture in your home. This means that the story your home tells is completely unique and for you and your family alone. We work with brilliant architects, talented interior designers and the best operations team to ensure your homes are built to surpass even your wildest dreams, and in record time! You never have to worry about construction being delayed with us as we are completely honest and transparent about how we work. So far we have delivered every home we’ve built in less than 14 months which is something we are extremely proud of.



For those of us who travel to Goa often but are not keen on purchasing something yet, we also offer villas for rent in Goa. When our homeowners are not staying at their luxury homes, they sometimes ask us to rent out their homes for them to other like-minded individuals. This ensures that they not only make some revenue from their home but that other people can also get a taste of the Isprava experience (if only for a weekend!).

No matter what your personality or preference, we have a home for you. Visit our website to learn more about the Isprava story and how you can become part of it.