Interview with Rohit Taparia

Isprava Team


Rohit was born and raised in Mumbai before heading off to Indiana for university where he graduated at the top of his class as valedictorian of his year. An entrepreneur at heart, Taparia co-founded a start-up followed by spending time working with a multi-national company in business development. He has now become an integral part of the Isprava story and has moved into the role of co-founder alongside his friend and partner, Nibhrant Shah. We caught up with Rohit and chatted a little bit about his work and his life.

What made you realise that Isprava was different?

It has to be the people. I have never had so much fun at work, every single day! The majority of our team is under 25 making the atmosphere very high energy. Everyone works incredibly hard and gives 110% to the company which is a really inspiring feeling to be around. Although this may be the best part about working with Isprava, the first thing I noticed about the brand was of course, the product. These villas are unlike anything else I’ve seen in India and the way the company works with their customers, vendors and workers just shows the integrity with which Isprava works. During my time at Isprava, we’ve developed an idea called Real Estate 2.0 to reflect who we are. We are not your typical builder but but rather a company that truly values customers and goes above and beyond in the experience we provide them at every step from land acquisition, to building the home, and then maintaining/renting it for our owners.

What is your role here?

I head sales, but work closely with the marketing, operations, architecture, legal, and finance teams as well.

What is your favourite part of your role?

We are very lucky to be selling homes to some really fantastic and high-profile people. Meeting such successful people, who have done so well for themselves in their respective fields is not only motivating but exciting. Interacting with people like Sunil Gavaskar and Kris Gopalakrishnan is something I really enjoy. Having said this, it truly is a holistic role because I have to bridge the gap between our clients and architecture/operations/marketing/finance/legal activities as well because ultimately all teams need to work cohesively to serve our clients.

Tell us a little bit about the culture at the office?

The first thing you’ll notice is that we work very hard. We do this not because anyone has asked this of us but because we believe in the company and are passionate about what we do. We are lucky enough to sit in a lovely, large, open workspace which makes brainstorming, collaborating and just chatting really easy. Everyone is super accessible and supportive of one another which gives the space a really positive energy. Our goal is to maintain this kind of intimate, start-up culture no matter how large we become.

Do you have a favourite home?

I do, but my customers would kill me if I answered that, because each of them feels their home is the best.

Why Goa?

Goa has got so much going on, it can appeal to an eight-year-old and an 80-year-old just as easily. It is green and peaceful yet still offers the best restaurants, bars and beaches in the country. There is lots to do here, from white water rafting to visiting spice plantations to learning about the state’s incredible colonial history. This makes Goa a very versatile location that works well for people across the spectrum.

Why the Nilgiris?

Not many people know exactly how beautiful the Nilgiris are. Located in Tamil Nadu, these hills are untouched for the most part and have spectacular, breath taking views. The air here is crisp and clean while the people are friendly and hospitable. It is also quite easily accessible from Coimbatore which is an added plus.

What does luxury mean to Isprava?

It means giving our customers the absolute best possible experience at every stage of involvement with us.

Rapid Fire

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

An intense workout!

What are three things we will find on your desk?

A cup of coffee in the morning, some nuts, chocolate, water. My desk is pretty boring actually.

Vintage or modern?

Vintage look with modern functionality 🙂

Favourite vacation spot?

In India – Goa. Internationally – Rome

A celebrity you would like to have a drink with?

Cristiano Ronaldo

 If you could have a holiday home anywhere, where would it be?

Has to be Goa!

Favourite TV character?

Michael Scott from The Office