Isprava – New Beginnings


isprava homesThe New Year has brought with it some new developments for the Isprava family. Among the biggest changes has been the website A website is the face of a brand; it is meant to exude the brand’s philosophy while serving its most primary function of providing information.

Knowing how discerning buyers are always keen on researching about a home and its creator in this digital age, it became imperative to update the Isprava website for facts, flair and photos.

The newly revamped website makes it a lot easier for the reader to get to exactly where they want. Isprava homes are categorised as Estates, Villas and Vaados, and the website makes a clear distinction of these three categories of homes in both Isprava destinations: Goa and Nilgiris. With ample information on upcoming properties and in-depth explanation of the art and amenities of the sold homes, the website gives you an Isprava experience just at the click of a keypad.



isprava luxury homesTaking the turn of 2017 as a sign of good things to come, Isprava has now moved into a swanky new office in Anjuna. Combining local cultural influences with state-of-the-art office features, the new office embodies the spirit of Isprava in every sense.

Centrally located near some of the coolest restaurants in Goa, the new office offers visitors to Isprava and our employees a great view of the lively town centre. A lovely balcony that overlooks the Goan life, a short walk to the beach and enveloped by abundant greenery, this white and wooden office space makes work more fun and energetic.

Those who fancy an organic meal can do so at the nearby at Bean Me Up restaurant. Our office building also shares space with No Nasty, a socially responsible clothes brand that believes in fair trade, thus sharing our vision of integrity.

This pet-friendly office invites you to the Isprava experience as soon as you stand at our doorstep.



new office in AnjunaIsprava’s inherent attitude to keep its employees before itself permeates through its workers who, driven by passion, barely look at work as some mundane form of drudgery. New recruit Tanya Breja, Senior Marketing Executive, describes the atmosphere as “unreal” in the most delightful sense.

“Everyone goes out of their way to help you out and make you comfortable and that has a special impact cause during the initial days in any new company you’re scared, nervous and conscious. But the people make you feel part of the family in no time!” she says.

Governed by her own instinct of always keeping the team ahead of oneself, Tanya’s work philosophy aligned perfectly with Isprava’s. “When you start working towards achieving goals of your team members, you automatically achieve your goals as well. I have seen this quality in every successful entrepreneur including Nibhrant (Founder-CEO).”

This Senior Marketing Executive with a Bachelors in Management Studies, has also worked with UK-based MNC Appco in the space of direct marketing and sales. Loving the fact that her work at Isprava gives her ample opportunity to travel and learn about Goa and the Nilgiris, Tanya above all, loves the work environment itself. “The focus and dedication that every individual in the office possesses is what makes Isprava different. Nobody considers this as a 9-5 job, it’s about creating and selling something that is so unique and special which makes the work environment intense and fun at the same time,” she concludes.



Team Spirit Drives PassionA constant graph for growth is a major advantage for employees who feel their company is invested in them as they are in it. Priyanka Sathe Apte, Senior Sales Executive, believes the space to grow individually and together has been Isprava’s greatest draw.

“Isprava is professional without being hierarchical; it incentivizes employees to do more. The Isprava employee community is a great group from which to learn, grow and feel like you are part of dedicated group with a single goal. It is also very warm and you feel like you are part of a family. Everybody is super friendly and extremely helpful,” she smiles.

This general bonhomie is motivation enough for colleagues to want to pay it forward. “A team can grow if individuals also grow. Every person is different. It’s about seeing the strengths and inclinations of each individual, and using these to the advantage of the entire team.”

Priyanka has a Masters degree in International Broadcast Journalism and has previously worked with a news channel and as a media freelancer. With Isprava, it has been about moving from strength to strength that has kept her passion for the job alive. “The best part of the job is about learning more about every aspect of the business rather than being in your own silo.”