Our Story

It all started back in 2013, when a desire to escape my hectic life as an investment banker compelled me to look for a place offering tranquility and luxury. A place where I would be free from the frenetic city life, yet close enough to jump back in. A destination with connectivity, yet where I could easily disconnect. I was looking for the perfect home away from home. And it was a getaway to Goa that became the first chapter of this ever-evolving story. I appreciated the juxtapositions that can be found in Goa. The 16th century history against vibrant neighborhoods. The calm beaches against crowded shacks. The energetic parties against tranquil hideaways. I decided this land of contrasts is where I would own a holiday home. Goa however was marred by gated communities, complicated paperwork and lax regulations, purchasing a home was an ordeal. The homes lacked a feeling of authenticity and exclusivity. Personal comfort was not a priority. And attention to the environment and community was deeply deficient. It gradually dawned on me that what cannot be found, must be created. And thus Isprava was born.

Isprava is a brand that redefines luxury while celebrating a region’s rustic charm. Our aesthetic values Indian tradition while showcasing European subtlety. We work with all-natural materials and strive to simplify cumbersome processes. Isprava creates dream holiday homes for those with the finest tastes.

In just a few years, we have been fortunate enough to celebrate tremendous success. We have been able to build, sell and rent out exquisite homes both on the beaches of Goa and in the hills of the Nilgiris. We have been able to fuel a community of craftsmen, designers and homeowners who strive for great quality. And we have been able to build an illustrious Isprava family—from CEOs and celebrities to superstars and sports icons—one that continues to grow, one home at a time.

So, what’s next for Isprava? More homes. More destinations. More luxury. More innovation. Without losing focus on Goa and the Nilgiris, we intend to expand further across India, and aspire to go to international destinations as well. The Isprava story is only just beginning…

Nibhrant Shah

Founder & CEO, Isprava