Isprava wins the ET NOW Real Estate Brand of the Year Award

The owners club

With an aim to curate the perfect experience for our buyers, we give them the comfort and luxury that they are stepping into, right from the time they arrive into the city. Our Guest Relationship Manager shows you around the home on arrival. From offering coconut water or beer at the entrance, to providing a unique fragrance in each room of the house, the entire walk through is strategically curated by the team.

This experience continues even once a home is purchased. A lifetime property manager is
appointed to help owners and their guests with everything from yacht bookings to a doctor on call. Loyalty program for all buyers with world class golf clubs, Savile Row tailors, yacht companies etc., to offer our clients bespoke experiences. A monthly MIS is sent to the owners on every minute detail of the home – dates the house is cleaned, servicing of electronics, bill payment updates, etc. While living in the home, assistance is provided by world class housekeeping staff that have undergone superior training.

We believe that true luxury stems from exclusivity. And to experience this exclusivity, you would need to set step into our home and the promise is to never look back!

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