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StyleCracker’s co-founder fills us in on the coolest trends to spruce up your interiors


StyleCracker’s Archana Walavalkar gives Isprava a low down on all things stylish, trending and smart in the world of interior design and home decor for the season

When it comes to style, it’s no secret that Archana Walavalkar is a skip ahead of the rest. This former Vogue Fashion Editor went  from being a celebrity style expert to the stylist to every Indian. Her fashion and tech venture, StyleCracker has transformed the way people not only dress on a daily basis, but the way they perceive fashion. From its AI-based solutions to personalised StyleCracker boxes, from a fully loaded blog to night markets and bazaars known to attract tens of thousands of shoppers—Walavalkar has  managed to provide access to new looks, quality clothes and relevant fashion intel for everyone from the seasoned style maven to  the uninitiated. She, in more ways than one, is a game changer in the world of style, and usually has the last word on the best new trends. So who better than to ask Archana herself on what’s new, cool and interesting in the world of home decor and interior designing. Here we go…

Home decor trends Archana swears by….
1. A sustainable approach: Always ask the three questions: Who are you purchasing from?
What values do they stand for?
What materials are being used?
2. Soft geometry in furniture: Try moving away from straight, rigid furniture lines
3. A highlight piece: Pick one with a gravity defying shape!
4. Natural organic materials: Think locally sourced products, customised  for you and handcrafted to perfection
5. All about the planters: Shop them in all sizes to add a wave of freshness to your interiors
6. Maximalist art: Go for lots of bold colours, patterns, textures, layers, repetition, contrasts, intricacies, luxe materials and  ornamentation
7. Colour: Pretty tones. My top picks would be, pale blush, dusty pinks and bronze
8. Opt for bolder, graphic kitchens: It’s the coolest space in the home. It may inspire bolder flavours!
9. Four poster beds: These vintage masterpieces are all the rage, and an Isprava favourite!
10. Acrylic furniture: It goes with any kind of decor or colour scheme, and adds a playful yet chic touch to any space, without any  visual clutter
11. Bold and black bathrooms: It is sultry, dramatic and modern in equal proportions
12. Wallpapers and painted bold walls: Especially wild florals!


Archana’s favourite space and its frills… “My living room. It’s a shared space where my husband and I lounge, live, create and  entertain. It is minimal, comfortable and has a strong sense of nostalgia for me. It is an open space with tons of natural light and  airy ventilation and is filled with many accents collected from various parts of our country and the world. The space exudes a tranquil, bright and warm vibe, the perfect antidote at the end of a long day.”

Archana’s last word in decor… Functional decor! “For me, two qualities are important when it comes to decor. First: sophisticated solutions that marry functionality and comfort. And second: a visually soothing aesthetic. Functional pieces of furniture that are not only art in themselves, but also usable are key. For example: collapsable walls that transform a place freely at any given time. Or doors with secret storage that add a little mystery and more importantly keep things looking neat, clean and decluttered. I tend to lean towards functional decor that’s a perfect marriage between modern minimalism and environmental conscious designs. I just returned from Japan, and took a very long walk through the multi-storeyed MUJI store and they do it really well! Everything was  minimal, easy to use and aesthetically perfect!”


A white epoxy flooring with no joints

A greige (a mix of grey and beige) deep-seated, all linen couch with navy edging

An odd shaped 6 seater marble dining table

Lightweight cane and teakwood chairs, customised by Kunal Merchant

A Clayman dining lamp

Three wooden stumps, of different shape and sizes from Splendour

Ceiling to floor sheers

A giant Traveller’s Palm

A comfy throw from Dar es Salaam

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