Chandigarh’s fashion designer extraordinaire decodes the art of bespoke apparel


Bespoke has been given a new meaning by Chandigarh’s most
favourite fashion designer, Roopa Lamba. She brings us in on
the her bespoke little secrets...

Making something one of- a-kind is how you can transform something from being ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it is a monogrammed handbag, a made to  measure shirt, a wedding invite, a piece of decor, an entire home or a beautifully customised outfit—it is the ultimate luxury. Roopa Lamba, Chandigarh’s leading fashion designer brings to focus the beauty of bespoke in the realm of fashion, and life.

For Roopa, it is a matter of pride that she has her own platform to craft unique design, express imagination and bring to life timeless works of art. She believes that the custom tailoring of anything reflects the individual in question—their style  sensibilities, what they want to do, where they want to go, how they want to live, how they want to travel, how they want to be perceived. The process is the best part. The alignment of mind, body and style— that is a kind of experience that stays with you. So by studying her clients and asking them all the right questions, Roopa creates a montage in her mind of what her creation is going to be. Everything from the silk lining to the thread, every detail should have a purpose and some significance. “You need to connect with theclient, create something specifically for that individual—something they are going to enjoy and most importantly, be comfortable in. Basically, craft an ‘object of desire’, but one that celebrates them. This is the essential formula to master the art. But the key thing to remember about going custom: whether you are dressing up to go out, or you are sprucing up a cosy corner of your home—being at ease within your space is  paramount”, quips Roopa. And so comfort is the cornerstone of her  bespoke creations.

Inspiration is another key element to creating something never-seen-before. When Roopa looks at her garments, many images emerge. The wood board of a chandelier could be used as a lehenga kalli. A painted ceiling or a fresco could come to life in a printed pattern. Jewelled colours from stained glass, mosaic tiles, colours of the Goan sunset—all could form the basis of a beautiful ensemble. In fact, she even drew inspiration from Chinese tiles that she spotted at a Hong Kong bar for a special Chinese embroidery collection. In her words, “Fashion does not limit, it creates, it fuses, it juxtaposes.”

Roopa’s own style sensibilities exude a blend of the traditional with the modern. Her work includes fusing current silhouettes with classic elements to create the distinctive. Shebelieves in the “buy now, but treasure forever” philosophy, much like Isprava does. And she likes using natural fabrics like silks, chiffons, and taking something from the past and making it new and appealing. Her clients have come to her with items from their age-old trousseaus and have had her transform it into beautiful ensembles for their children’s weddings. She says, “I believe that’s how my work stands out in the sea of Indian wedding wear. And this is what I love about Isprava as well. They too believe in unearthing individual handcrafted pieces for their homes. From my own Isprava home in Goa, my favourites are the antique cupboard in my room and the stunning painstakingly sourced dining table”.

Finally, it’s that special touch of luxury that brings a bespoke creation all together. But for Roopa, the definition of luxury is different. For her luxury is experiential. “A sip of great coffee, a relaxing massage, luxury is a home in Goa more comfortable than my own, where I enjoy quality time with my kids and grandkids”. We couldn’t agree more!