A cause from the heart with a strive to do good for one and all


Kindness. Unwavering support. And a positive spirit. KARO, a public charitable trust, embodies all of that
and more, in its constant efforts to make a difference

When it comes to healthcare, it’s disquieting to know that something so basic is not every person’s privilege. Quality healthcare is a growing concern today. It’s nearly impossible for poverty- stricken families to tackle grave illnesses. But, amidst it all, KARO shines strong, sparkling with hope.

Established in 2014, this public charitable trust provides holistic healthcare to lesser privileged patients from low income groups.

And it doesn’t stop there. KARO also lends itself to preventive healthcare, rehabilitation and mental health support. Be it a 2-year old child who found support and solace in this trust or a 28-year-old woman who remains grateful to KARO for helping her through her most harrowing times, KARO is replete with stories of love

It all began when young Karan Malhotra was undergoing  treatment for an aggressive form of cancer—Ewing’s sarcoma. During this time, Karan became particularly sensitised to the realities of this disease. He wondered how those with low incomes churned out sufficient resources for such treatments. It forge in him a desire to provide quality and holistic healthcare to the less fortunate. Quick to realise the shortcomings in cancer care in India, Karan set up a structure that the underprivileged could turn to in troubled times.

While Karan passed on in 2014, his vision and beliefs continue to live on through KARO. For them, every life matters and no cause is too small. In keeping with the same, they recently launched KARO Home in Mumbai, a unique accommodation project for Teenage and Young Adult (TYAs) cancer patients. Its aim? To provide a hygienic and relaxed environment for patients from different parts of the country to complete their treatment. This 11 bed facility offers toiletries, food, bedding and kitchen ware.

Karo, a public charitable trust founded in 2014 that has a “do-it-now” attitude with everything they do: providing holistic healthcare to low-income communities along with financial aid,preventive healthcare, rehab and even mental health support.

How do they make this magic happen? Well, KARO is wholly funded through its donor partners. Primarily, they provide financial and emotional support to those suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases. From supporting treatments of over 1600 patients to working with hospitals to subsidise treatment costs for the poor, KARO continues to spread love and most importantly, hope. Isprava stands very close to this cause and we hope you will too! For more information or to donate to this worthy cause, visit www.karo.org.in. Do it now!