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An interaction with Nibhrant Shah, Founder & CEO, Isprava on design, aesthetics and their impact and significance at Isprava. Please elaborate on your viewpoints on design, and give us a sense of the work at Isprava.

Isprava is known for its designs and aesthetics. Our designs inculcate heritage, traditional roots and sustainable methods.

For us, design is an integral part of building a home. That does not just mean the superficial components like the frames, paintings, etc., but also the way each of our home is built.

Our architectural team pays homage to the land and accordingly builds a home. Every plan is drafted keeping the topography in mind; we try to bend our designs according to the contours of the land to minimise wastage.

Isprava celebrates colours and motifs alongside our signature style. While the aesthetic is classic and timeless, the furniture is welcoming and exudes comfort.

Our Interior Design Team inculcates the art of reusing, repurposing and refurbishing to give every entryway, passage and alcove an old-world charm.

Every aspect of the interiors — from the doors to the stained-glass windows, the floors to the furniture, the upholstery to the lights — have been discerningly selected and carefully curated.

We understand the need to conserve the environment; all homes have many windows to let natural light in and enough cross ventilation.

Sloping roofs allow the rain-water to fall and enter the water harvesting pit, only to be used for gardening later. Our aim is to build something that is distinctive. Every home has its own story and holds its own individual value.


What is the most basic aspect that inspires the design and architecture of Isprava properties?

An Isprava home is built in harmony with the location it lies in. We seek inspiration from the culture, tradition and heritage of the locality.

Our homes in Goa borrow charm from the Goan-Portuguese architecture and design style. Whereas, our homes in Coonoor are based on the fundamentals of British-Colonial design.

Sustainability is another important aspect that inspires all of our designs. We maintain this element in all our endeavours.

Our homes are refurbished and designed to be environmentally friendly. We procure locally-sourced laterite bricks for every home in Goa to help the home sustain the dynamic Goan weather.

We also build homes with sloping roofs in Goa and Coonoor to complement the monsoons and encourage rainwater harvesting.

We believe in bringing the outside, inside, hence the interiors of our homes are filled with planters and greens. We also plant a collection of trees in the courtyard or lawn area.

Villa Verde View


How did Isprava come to be known as specialists in design and architecture? 

We began with the endeavour of becoming a leader in the luxury home segment. At the time, it seemed like a mammoth task.

But with the backing of some incredible people and the best team, we intend to continue aiming high and exceeding expectations, one home at a time. Isprava is a brand that redefines luxury while celebrating a region’s rustic charm.

Our aesthetic champions Indian tradition while showcasing European subtlety. We work with all-natural materials and strive to simplify cumbersome processes.

Isprava creates dream holiday homes for those with the finest tastes. In just a few years, we have been fortunate enough to celebrate tremendous success.

We have been able to build, sell and rent out exquisite homes both on the beaches of Goa and in the hills of The Nilgiris. We have been able to fuel a community of craftsmen, designers and homeowners who strive for great quality.

And we have been able to build an illustrious Isprava family — from CEOs and celebrities to superstars and sports icons — one that continues to grow, one home at a time.


Do you customise designs as per the client’s requirements?

Our buyers choose us because we eliminate the need to be occupied with permissions, design-related queries amongst other requirements, thereby giving them enough time to concentrate on their daily routine. Our sense of style is what our homeowners trust us with.

However, we do understand and factor in functionality aspects. We incorporate the fundamentals of Vaastu and Feng Shui for our clients.

We understand the likes of our buyers, for example, if they like a painting from a particular artist, we try our best to include it in the home.

In the beginning of the construction and designing process, a customer survey form is sent to all our home buyers to record details/preferences like pool colour, type of bed, flooring, etc. We accordingly take into consideration, the aesthetics and inculcate their choices.

Additionally, we try to attain customer delight, for example, the kids of one of our clients’, in passing, mentioned that they wanted a treehouse and therefore we built one for them.


Villa Dining Area

Does Isprava have a patent design exclusive only to its properties? 

No, Isprava does not have a patent design exclusive only to its properties.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Isprava?

We believe that customer relations and in-depth market research is key. At Isprava, we wanted to do things differently. Change the game. Create an impact. Leave an impression. Build and rent dream luxury homes that inspire a great life.

But more importantly, we wanted to simplify the process, break the barriers and make buying, owning and renting out a luxury home an effortless experience.

Buying a home involves many considerations, whether it is a retirement retreat, a holiday escape or a home away from home, it needs to be an exclusive, unique and secure purchase.

A valued investment that is equipped with the best-in-class facilities, amenities and services cushioned with heartfelt hospitality, timeless and bespoke in style and aesthetic. A place you can call your own.

At Isprava, we strive to embrace the highest benchmarks to deliver all this and more. We don’t just build beautiful houses. We craft homes that redefine luxury. Ones that are luxurious yet efficient. Comfortable yet elegant.

Ones that showcase traditional techniques with a contemporary outlook. At Isprava, each home is different from the other. Each home has its own unique story to tell.


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