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Isprava Launches New Villas in Goa and Coonoor

Isprava, a real estate firm that develops luxury second homes in India, is pleased to announce the launch of new villas, as part of the brand’s portfolio.

Casa Brava – Goa

Located in Parra, Goa, Casa Brava sits on 1,400 square meters of pristine, Goan greenery. A short drive from North Goa hotspots such as the Saturday Night Market and Thalassa, Casa Brava is the ideal holiday escape. The home has four bedrooms and a courtyard in the center of the property. Additionally, the property features a private pool and a beautiful secret garden, allowing guests to relax and unwind in tranquil luxury. The inside-outside feel of the villa encourages entertaining, while still retaining a feeling of privacy. The ground floor features a kitchen, dining and living rooms along with one guest bedroom, while the first floor has three spacious bedrooms which overlook green paddy fields and untouched vistas. The two-story home takes inspiration from colonial Portuguese architecture, combined with traditional aesthetics.

 Chepstow Hall – Coonoor

Spread out over 1,700 square meters on a lush tea estate in Coonoor, Chepstow Hall feels like a piece of paradise. The home has three bedrooms, a well, a garden and panoramic views of the Nilgiris. A 90-minute drive from Coimbatore Airport, Chepstow Hall is great for a weekend getaway or a longer holiday. The ground floor has a kitchen, living and dining rooms, study and one guest bedroom. The first floor features the master bedroom which gives you the privacy and exclusivity Isprava is known for. Enjoy views of the Nilgiris and colonial charm with this stunning home.

Each Isprava home is designed by leading international designers, fully furnished using antique furniture sourced from old palaces and mansions and maintained by a property management team on the owner’s behalf. Isprava believes true luxury stems from exclusivity, hence each home has its own story.

Isprava homes are owned by some of the country’s leading luminaries, such as the founders/promoters of Infosys and SpiceJet, celebrities and famous sports personalities, among others. Three Isprava properties in Goa are also available to rent(Villa Branco in Anjuna; Villa Evora in Assagaon; and Villa Verde in Anjuna). Each of the homes, with their private pools and stunning landscaped lawns, are fully maintained by professional property management teams. Along with a complimentary breakfast on behalf of the Isprava team, guests will also have access to Isprava’s well trained and widely connected concierge service, that works intuitively to assist guests with a variety of services. From restaurant and car bookings to wine pairings and yacht rides, from an authentic Goan or Continental chef to a massage and yoga class, Isprava ensures that their guests are never in need. Having the option of an Isprava home to rent in Goa changes the way in which patrons view this sunny state. Previously, hotels were the only option for those looking for safe, secure, and well-appointed accommodations during their Goa vacations. Now, guests can book an Isprava villa and feel like they’re surrounded by the luxurious comforts of their own homes, while on vacation.

Isprava was created when Nibhrant Shah, previously an investment banker with experience in New York and London, moved back to India and started Themis, an accounting services firm. The opportunities in the country had exploded, but the flip side of that was that city life had become even more stressful. Escalating noise, pollution and traffic led him to search for a second home to get away to, over the weekends. During this process, Nibhrant discovered many problems with the standard approach to real estate development. Homes lacked exclusivity and authenticity, personal comfort was often an afterthought, and integrity wasn’t always a priority. Isprava was therefore born in 2013, as Nibhrant’s way to begin combating these issues.

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