Ritwik Bhattacharjee

“If you think that the real estate sector is like a winding maze of copycats, you haven’t met the folks at Isprava. They’ve filled the gaps that have existed in the real estate field, with their expertise. They don’t just sell a holiday home, but deliver a wholesome experience based on honesty and transparency. They […]

Anand Piramal

Anand Piramal has always been fascinated by the world of design. He has been leading the real estate segment of the Piramal Group, while being actively involved in strategy, values and organisation development. After visiting one of our properties, Anand found himself connecting with our brand and the transparency of our operation. Ever since, he […]

Kavi Gupta

“What is true luxury? To me, it’s Isprava. From their construction and style to the service and the attention to detail, everything they do is flawless. Their holiday homes are understated, elegant and a reflection of the area they’re built in. If you ask me, the brand’s corporate governance, solid management and deep understanding of […]

Ashutosh Taparia

“Every so often, you come across a brand built on a brilliant idea. Not always, though, does every brand succeed. The latter was never the case with Isprava. The tenacity and enthusiasm with which this team works is commendable. They’re always willing to learn, adapt and innovate and that, to me, is the true mark […]

Piyush Vora

“As an investor, I’m always on the lookout for promising ventures and Isprava ticked all the right boxes! The team is innovative and supremely organised. I believe that Isprava holds a persuasive position in terms of its current value and the excellent growth potential it has for the future.”

Nadir Godrej

“Isprava is a company that isn’t afraid to reach for the stars. Known for its indistinguishable style and heartfelt community service, the company, fuelled by passion, is already a market leader. Their recent round of funding is a bold acknowledgement of not only what they’ve achieved so far, but also the potential of the new […]